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Level: Beginner to Advanced | Customized
Course Duration: 2-3 weeks
Course Day: Monday to Friday | Customized
Course Time: 5 hours. / Days
Course Start: On Demand
Class Size: One to one
Course Mode: Offsite|Onsite|online


  • Tailor made course:Customized training program as per project requirements.
  • Training on demand:On request begin at your convenience day and duration.
  • High end aftercare:Support for 2 months after training
  • Authenticate your skill:Awarded certificate of excellence after course.
  • In-depth learning:Dedicated developer as trainer for practical solution.
  • Project aid:Know exact solution for your project requirement after this training.

Overview on HTML5/CSS3

Clear concept on JS, Json and Jquery

Basic Go through on Angular Development

Overview of NodeJS

Installing NodeJS on windows

Exploring language additions to the V8 JavaScript engine

Role of Node Package Manager (NPM)

Global vs. Local NPM installation

Understanding require() and modules?

Understanding callback execution in the event loop

Creating a project

The package.json configuration file

The HTTP protocol

Building an HTTP server

Rendering a response

Synchronous vs. asynchronous I/O

Path and directory operations

dirname and __filename

Asynchronous file reads and writes

Watch Update

Using buffers for binary data

Flowing vs. non-flowing streams

Streaming I/O from files and other sources

Processing streams asynchronously

Configuring event handlers

What is Express.js?

Installing Express.js

Building a Hello Express application

Creating routes

Creating view with ejs & jade engine

Using templates

Adding partials

Using locals and conditional templates

Modularizing our routes

Working with Data

RDBMS databases and NoSQL databases

Connecting to RDBMS and NoSQL databases

Setting Up MongoDB

Installing MongoDB

Using MongoDB in Node.js

Structuring Your Data for MongoDB

Data Types

Understanding the Basic Operations

Connecting and Creating a Database

Creating Collections

Inserting Documents into Collections

Updating Document Values

Deleting Documents from Collections

Querying Collections

Installing MySQL

Adding the mysql Module from npm

Creating a Schema for the Database

Basic Database Operations


Adding Queries

Getting Data

Posting Data

Updating Data


Select training mode at your convenience and requirement, all training modes has its own features which helps you to decide as per your availability, budget and time – duration


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OnlineLive 1 to 1 Training

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Onsite@your Location

  • Trainer will fly at your location

  • Flight / Accommodation / Food bear from your end

  • 2 months free support after training

  • 2 Weeks training program – 5 hours / Day

  • Can trained up to 10 candidates by one trip

  • Cost saving program for 5 to 10 candidates Groups


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