About MoU

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is a formal agreement between two or more parties. Companies and organizations can use MoUs to establish official partnerships.

Purpose of MoU

The objective of the MoU is to recognize the common ground between the two parties for a cooperative and collaborative working relationship. The objective of the MoU is to have a mutual intention to work jointly on projects required by the industries and research needs, with scholarly faculty, developers, trainers, technical heads of good industrial experience and promising students, jointly for mutual benefit and development agree to exchange their expertise for on the areas specified below:

  • Trainee Industrial Visits

  • In-plant training and specialized technical training to make students industry ready

  • Special Guest/Expert Lectures

  • Well Guide on Mini Projects and Main Project Work

  • Research & Development

  • Technical Problem Solving

  • Studies & Survey

  • Make students for placements-ready

  • Internships, Workshops


Interested students can do offline / online internship on their chosen technology or explore their skills by “Know Your Skills” program and hence everyone comes out with full passion towards their skilled profession, which the industry is searching for.


Company will get:

  • An opportunity to screen our most ambitious and enthusiastic trainee/junior – the type who thrives on a challenge.

  • Opportunity to evaluate temporary employees when deciding whether to make a permanent offer with the right technology and the right passion for a selected career opportunity

  • Incorporation of new ideas and methods for working with live/client environment

  • An excellent source of short term employees for long term futurists

  • Opportunity to train junior staff in their specialized methods and procedures as per future recruitment needs

  • Participation in the educational process in order to achieve and improve something

  • Increased opportunities in trainees for technology transfer depend on their interest

Students will get:

  • Bridge the gap between theoretical study and the Practically professional work

  • Find out what engineers do to decide whether they want to spend their life as an engineer or based on their interest and passion towards tech.Bridge the gap between theoretical study and the Practically professional work

  • Discover why, what and how they’re studying for programming or non-programming according skills.

  • Become a professional who can take what they’ve learned in the training and adapt it to the workplace

  • Start learning/working with experts and their experience to use on the job

  • Have Internship Program participation noted on their transcripts

  • Gain confidence and motivation and develop expertise in interacting with team

  • Become more attractive to employers because they’re already trained and can be productive immediately

  • Significantly improve the level of job and salary offers you get upon graduation

  • Develop professional behavior and social skills

College will benefit through:

  • Better relations with industry, government and business

  • Better prepared students who are more desirable to employers and ready to meet today’s challenging work environment.

  • Better educated students with leading edge technology training in the workplace as well as insight into professionalism and proper social behavior

  • Technology transfer Fiscally responsible students

  • Better education to all students by students returning to class/collage and sharing their experiences with professors and classmates

  • Partnerships with students and sponsoring corporations and be able to establish the Engineering Professional Practice program as one that is nationally recognized among students, parents, employers, and peer institutions

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