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2007 - 2009: The Journey Begins…

Early in 2007 we establish an IT firm with name of “Amar Infotech” to aim with web and software development as service and product base. At the startup of Amar Infotech everything in terms of business and technology adoption was going smooth and in good flow.

One of the common issues in the IT Sector, we were also facing which is hiring quality manpower, specially in junior software engineers, after arranging numbers of campus drives at different colleges we were not getting enough skilled and ready to use candidates, first we have tried some institutes with hope of getting trained and skilled candidates but it is the same as just pass-out freshers. Finally we decided to prepare the manpower as we required

2009 - 2013: Being Ready To Take off

To fulfill the goal we started small In-house training section in 2008 with name of EXCELPTP stands for EXCEL professional training program. Meanwhile Amar Infotech spread its wings and expansion to the new technologies and new domain expertise to capture big market opportunities and its became AMAR TECHNOLABS PRIVATE LIMITED a MNC IT venture.

2013 - 2016: Adding More Milage

ExcelPTP is a part Of Amar Technolabs Pvt Ltd (Amar Infotech) as in-house training center. At ExcelPTP we hire fresher candidates as a trainee and then hire them as an employee of Amar Infotech. Ultimately we are preparing extremely talented and skilled man power for our company. Actually all the companies are looking for good and skilled employees to hire. But run inhouse training center is not possible to all aompanies so after knowing about skill and knowledge of ExcelPTP candidates many companies are comes to us to hire candidates for them.

We are providing dual opportunities to our trainees in terms of placement like if you can find a better job offer then us then you can join that company. In short this is WIN- WIN situation You are getting job and we are getting good skilled employees.

2016 - Today: Counting Milestones Achieved

We have developed 2 kinds of the Professional Training Program for our trainees. One is PTP-4 and other is PTP-6. In PTP-4 we train the student for a period of 4 months and place them into a good company, While in PTP-6 we give the offer letter on the first day of joining the program. in PTP-6, once the training is completed either the student can join Amar Infotech or they can choose to be placed in a good organization. In the last 13 years, We have maintained a placement ratio Of 100% which no other institute has managed to do. So, join our training program and secure a good job for yourself.

OUR CORE VALUES Below is what we stand for as a company


With 11+ Yrs of Experience in the IT software Development Industry and running In-house Training Canter to generate a highly skilled workforce for Amar Technolabs Private Limited and others. simultaneously management and Technical team have also Gained experience in industry requirements and manpower needs. That’s the experience-based knowledge we are committed to delivering at the training center.


It is very tough to give a commitment to someone to offer a job after the training. But we try to maintain a 100% placement ratio and we have achieved it at the nearest. We know that feedback is very important to analyze your service quality. For that, we never manipulate it because it is to learn something from your clients.


Over the years, we’ve formed relationships on trust and reliability that thrive by working with our clients and partners to achieve and exceed their goals through adept solutions, cutting edge product development with reliable support.


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