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Gyakari Agyenim-Boateng Reaction on Training

Gyakari Agyenim-Boateng

Hi, this is Gyakari from GCAA ghana, i am here at ExcelPTP, India Ahmedabad Campus to learn HTML5 and CSS3. I can say that this is very very good experience of training. The trainer have nice knowledge of subject matter and i like the way to teach he make every point very easy to learn. Also good food, hotel and the staff peoples. Very friendly environlment at Excelptp. Everything is perfectly done. I would recommend ExcelPTP to anyone.

With Regards.
ICT, Web Developer,
Ghana civil Aviation Authority

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Ahmed Mohamed Ginawi

Hello, I am Ahmed Ginawi from Omdurman University, Sudan. I am here to learn YII Framework.
My experience is good in terms of trainer quality and hospitality and the Staff member at ExcelPTP is really nice. Specially the Trainer Mr. Yogi’s Knowledge in every aspects is very sound. After training they arranged a tour and it’s really amazing.

With Regards.
Ahmed Mohamed Ginawi Mohamed,
Omdurman Islamic University
ICT Web Developer, Sudan

Faizal Walidin

If you need the best IT training then Excel PTP is one of the best places to obtain the knowledge. They have the best trainers, well qualified and experienced Developer is trainer. Their mode of delivery is really good in most of the go with one to one training and customizes training as per requirement. I for one have done the DNN and ASP.Net/MS SQL. The training has been so great -Thanks to Excel PTP team for this.

With Regards.
Faizal Walidin,
Van Lanschot,

Mohammed Abdrahim Mobark

Namaste, I am From Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan and my name is Mohammed Abdrahim Mobark i come to India for YII PHP Framework and Android application Training for my web/mobile app Development Needs. This training is completely on SDLC and Topic Based Training. From Very basic HTML5 to Advanced Yii Trainer is too good in Subject Knowledge. Accommodation is nice, the people Inside ExcelPTP and outside both really good and very safe environment. Nice experience thank you.

With Regards.
Mohammed Abdrahim Mobark,
Omdurman Islamic University
ICT Web Developer, Sudan