Dotnetnuke DNN (CMS) Corporate Training

This Seven to Ten-day DotNetNuke DNN Corporate training is intended for Experience or DNN Development professionals who are responsible for leading projects, designing solutions, and identifying problems. In this course, students learn the skills and best practices that are required to help organizations design and develop effective DNN CMS applications. We provide onsite and offsite Corporate Training as on follow things.

ExcelPTP Corporate Training offers DotNetNuke Training via a variety of training options that will help you increase your knowledge of the DotNetNuke Web Content Management Platform. Whether you are looking for customized training that is tailored to fit the skill level of your team Custom or instructor led onsite and offsite training that will fit your needs.

Candidates Prerequisites:

  • Experience in the following areas is required:
  • Understanding of the problem-solving techniques that apply to the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), including the versioning of software and the management of configuration and content in a software system
  • Basic knowledge of Web application architecture
  • Experience in developing in a team environment
  • Working knowledge of ASP.NET and Visual Studio

For DotNetNuke as DNN CMS corporate training program only Following qualified Candidates Can apply.

  • Eligibility:
  • IT Professional Developer (Dot Net Programmers)
  • Individual or Any Corporate Company's Employee will join this Training
  • Training Mode:
  • Onsite - At Your premises
  • Offsite- At Our premises - Ahmadabad
  • Online- By e-leaning

Excel PTP Professional Training program (PTP) is a division of Amar Technolabs pvt. Ltd. (AI) Software Development Company. We are offshore outsourcing Web application Development Company with having huge employment in different technologies and provide Corporate Training to Govt. Sectors, Corporate sectors and to individual professional Employees as per there Standard and costume Requirements

At Excel PTP, We have number of Qualified & Certified Professional Developers cum Trainer, who will give this training and make prepared yourself to work on your Requirement after this Training.

  • Getting started with DotNetNuke:
  • Advanced ASP.NET Concepts for Dotnetnuke
  • Custom Web part Development
  • DotNetNuke Getting Started with latest one version
  • Installing DotNetNuke on Windows 7 using SQL Express 2008
  • Deleting a page in DotNetNuke
  • Logging into DotNetNuke with the Admin account
  • Configuring your website Name and Copyright in Site Settings for DotNetNuke
  • Changing the Logo in DotNetNuke
  • Updating content in the HTML module in DotNetNuke
  • Creating a page in DotNetNuke
  • Adding the Journal Module to a Page in DotNetNuke
  • Updating your profile information in DotNetNuke
  • Using the Member Directory in DotNetNuke
  • Creating Groups using Social Groups in DotNetNuke
  • Managing Group creation notifications in DotNetNuke
  • Configuring a searchable Member Directory in DotNetNuke
  • Configuring Permissions on the Community page in DotNetNuke
  • Installation:
  • DotNetNuke Explained: Installation
  • Administrative:
  • DotNetNuke Explained: Basic Site Administration
  • An Overview of Security Roles in DotNetNuke
  • An Overview of User Accounts in DotNetNuke
  • Creating a User in DotNetNuke
  • An introduction to the Permissions Grid in DotNetNuke
  • How to manage Pages in DotNetNuke
  • Using the Admin File Manager in DotNetNuke
  • Content Manager/Editor:
  • DotNetNuke Explained: Content Edits and Updates
  • An overview of the Display Modes in DotNetNuke 6
  • An introduction to the Permissions Grid in DotNetNuke
  • How to manage Pages in DotNetNuke
  • Applying Skins and Containers (Themes) to your web site in DotNetNuke
  • How to Delete a Page in DotNetNuke
  • Development:
  • DotNetNuke Explained: Basic Module Development
  • DotNetNuke Module Development Template Installation
  • Installing the Source version of a Module
  • Part 1: Task Manager Series Introduction
  • Part 2: Creating the Task Manager Project
  • Part 3: Solution overview and Installation
  • Part 4: Creating a project in the DotNetNuke Forge
  • Part 5: Adding your source code to TFS on Codeplex
  • Designer:
  • DotNetNuke Explained: Basic Skinning
  • Installing a Skin and Container Package (Theme) in DotNetNuke
  • Using Firefox and Firebug to find HTML and CSS in DotNetNuke
  • Removing the Login link from a DotNetNuke Skin
  • Overriding CSS in DotNetNuke using Portal.CSS
  Course Type Duration Price
1 cTP : Dotnetnuke DNN Inquire IT Email US
  • Prices include:
  • Pre-course technical evaluation and baseline training
  • Hands-on classroom training
  • Course-ware
  • Single occupancy room in Hotels or at Office Premises
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet in the training centre
  • Three months after-course usability reinforcement
  • Airport pick and drop*
  • Hospitality Desk Support - Renting / buying mobile phone, laptop, tours, etc.
  • Online- By e-leaning
  • Online- By e-leaning

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