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Mohammed Abdrahim Mobark Reaction on Training

Mohammed Abdrahim Mobark

Namaste, I am From Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan and my name is Mohammed Abdrahim Mobark i come to India for YII PHP Framework and Android application Training for my web/mobile app Development Needs. This training is completely on SDLC and Topic Based Training. From Very basic HTML5 to Advanced Yii Trainer is too good in Subject Knowledge. Accommodation is nice, the people Inside ExcelPTP and outside both really good and very safe environment. Nice experience thank you.

With Regards.
Mohammed Abdrahim Mobark,
Omdurman Islamic University
ICT Web Developer, Sudan

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Alnagi Fathalrahman Ali Mohammed

i am Mr. Alnagi Fathalrahman from Sudan. I am working in Omdurman Islamic University, Khartoum- Sudan. I was thinking to learn Asp.Net Core 2.0 and HTML5. CSS3 so i searched on google and comes to know about ExcelPTP India. I contacted them and they reply nicely by email very quickly. Now come to ExcelPTP India and find every thing is beyond my expectation the trainer’s skills, the hotel, i just wanted to say how nice people that work here at ExcelPTP. They are very very accommodating very nice anything you need just happen for you.

With Regards.
Alnagi Fathalrahman Ali Mohammed,
Omdurman Islamic University
ICT Web Developer, Sudan

Peter Denteh

A Journey to India a dream comes true

Once upon a time I think and thought of how India will be a place for me to visit not knowing it was just a stone throw away from me having training with Excel PTP. So excited the date I will fly I couldn’t wait and always praying the date should come on time. Because of what I have heard about India been one of the leading IT big wigs in the world.

I arrived in India Ahmedabad Airport and was pick up by a mini cap to my hotel room. A very fantastic five star hotel reserved for me as well welcome reception received from Excel PTP to officially commence my coming and the training course on PHP MVC Framework and HTML/CSS.

An intensive 10-day classes began with my instructor who took me through HTML5/CSS3 and PHP MVC. It was a very good experience and the instructor really gave me insight and techniques on how to debug, troubleshoot and syntax error solving etc. A very well prepared time table with every end lesson assignment was given. He was really on me with pile and load of work which helped me in this training. Through the training a good website was developed and was equipped with an invaluable knowledge from instructor.

My only challenges were the time and food in Gujarat Ahmedabad which I also think is a good experience for me. India is ahead six (6) hours interval to my home country. So waking up and going for lectures made me look like an odd person because on my first day in class I was feeling sleep. The time was in class my home country was deep in the night where people are sleeping and am in class and learning…

A trip to tour the nearby town and also ride around the cities behind the motor bicycle/car with my instructor into the malls, cinemas etc… was a fun. Later we took a day trip with management of Excel PTP.

I want to thank the management of Excel PTP for making it possible and given me such a great opportunity to gain so experience and also to be part in their history book. And am always ready to come back. Thank you and God bless you.

With Regards.
Peter Wih-Sika,
Civil Aviation Authority,
Accra, Ghana

Ahmed Mohamed Ginawi

Hello, I am Ahmed Ginawi from Omdurman University, Sudan. I am here to learn YII Framework.
My experience is good in terms of trainer quality and hospitality and the Staff member at ExcelPTP is really nice. Specially the Trainer Mr. Yogi’s Knowledge in every aspects is very sound. After training they arranged a tour and it’s really amazing.

With Regards.
Ahmed Mohamed Ginawi Mohamed,
Omdurman Islamic University
ICT Web Developer, Sudan