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Course Detail
Course Level: Beginner to Advanced
Course Duration: 4 Months | 8 Months
Training Days: Monday to Friday
Training Time: 4 hours / Day | Regular Office Time
Course Mode: IN-class (Offline) at our premises
Course Type: JOB oriented training
Course Start On: On Registration | Admission
Class Size: 1 to 1 | No Groups| No Batch


  • Considering is your last training: We assure for knowledge, so once your get job then your training will end.
  • Know your skills:Choose/Suggested a technology what you can do best.
  • Authenticate your skills: Entire course is on industrial practice so awarded with experience latter on placement.
  • Be highest paid fresher:We invented a unique model to get the job with highest starting salary, if you get good offer then US, you can join to them.
  • We don’t bind your ability: No specific course content, learn as much as you can, beyond the topics it helps to become logically sound.

Overview of Azure DevOps platform and its components

Understanding the benefits of Azure DevOps for software development and delivery

A typical Microsoft Azure DevOps training course covers a wide range of topics related to the Azure DevOps platform and its various tools and services. The specific content may vary depending on the training provider and the level of the course (introductory, intermediate, or advanced). However, here is a general outline of the topics commonly covered in an Azure DevOps training course.

Introduction to version control and Git concepts

Creating and managing Git repositories in Azure DevOps

Working with branches, commits, and pull requests

Configuring branch policies and security in Azure Repos

Building and deploying applications using Azure Pipelines

Configuring build agents and build pipelines

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) concepts

Creating release pipelines for different environments

Managing and automating the release process

Creating and managing package feeds in Azure Artifacts

Publishing and consuming packages in Azure Artifacts

Versioning and dependency management

Introduction to manual and automated testing in Azure Test Plans

Creating and managing test plans and test suites

Defining test cases and test parameters

Executing and tracking test runs

Agile project management with Azure Boards

Creating and managing work items, such as user stories and tasks

Organizing work items into backlogs and sprints

Configuring boards and dashboards for tracking progress

Integrating Azure DevOps with other Azure services and tools

Leveraging Azure DevOps extensions and marketplace offerings

Third-party tool integration with Azure DevOps

Implementing security measures in Azure DevOps

Configuring access control and permissions

Meeting compliance requirements and auditing

Monitoring and analyzing project progress and performance

Using built-in reports and dashboards in Azure DevOps

Customizing reports and dashboards to meet specific needs

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Azure DevOps

Docker containerization and deployment

Kubernetes and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Implementing DevOps best practices and patterns

Remember that this course outline is just a starting point, and you can adjust it based on your interests and specific goals within Azure DevOps. Practical exercises, coding assignments, and self projects should be an integral part of the training to reinforce the concepts learned and gain hands-on experience.

Make a plan about how we can achieve our goal with deadline

Discussed & finalize Project definition if in final year

Research Analytics on project definition and target

Prepare Documents as : Wireframing, Document of Requirement, Target Audience if required

Any graduate Can make their career into developer, Linux, Admin or Azure, AWS


No limits on learning, no limits on duration, no limits on salary, no limits on interviews, learn as much as you can & get ready for your first job.


  • 4 months training duration

  • Monday to Friday (04 hours / Day)

  • Only practical based training

  • Individual 1 to 1 training

  • Professional developers as trainer

  • Stipend provide based on performance

  • Confirmed job – on-job training program


  • 8 months training duration

  • Monday to Friday (Regular office time)

  • Live & Direct work with team.

  • Stipend during training, Attractive salary offer.

  • +Unlimited placement, Dual job opportunity.

  • Get your first job offer on the day of joining.

  • IN as fresher OUT as experienced professional developer


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