Certification Program on Travel API Integration

This is a professional training program designed for the people who want to master the art of API Integration and web Service.
Any final year student, IT graduate or an IT professional can join this program.

  • API is acronym for Asynchronous Application Programming Interface. In computer programming, an application programming interface (API) is a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building application software. Nowadays, API Integration has become a integral part of any software development process and therefore you must learn it very well.

    We at ExcelPTP are providing the training on API Integration simply known as Third Party API Integration Services. For this purpose, we have a team of developers who are currently working on this kind of module. So, the students who will join this course will not only get to learn directly from the experts, but will also get the benefit of working on a live project which will be very useful for them. We are leading third party API integration service provider in India. Our API integration services help you integrate data with third party application and due to many inquiries come to learn API market so launch one of special program for professional training for API integration.

    This course is especially designed for the student who is currently working in an IT Company, professional Developers and Fresher who want to be masters on travel domain and set theire own business on travel domain can join us. In this course, you will learn about how you can integrate various APIs into your software development project.

    Goal: The goal of this course is to train the students in the area of API integration so that they can go into the IT industry and work as a professional developers. After learning this course, you will be able to integrate any API into your own software development project.

    Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of JavaScript, json, OOPS, Any programming language as basic concept and HTML & HTTP is required.

    • Benefits of API integration Training
    • You save a lot of money when you retain us for third party API integration into your website. It is cheaper than having to develop a custom app from the ground up.
    • Creating a custom app is time-consuming and laborious. You save time when you retain us for third party API integration.
    • APIs available are often customizable and we customize them wherever required to deliver a better user experience. We can tweak code for better usability or performance.
    • It is easy to integrate APIs from third parties since they were designed specifically for that purpose.
    • You learn from this training program as beginning to the end can create your own web application in the Ear of Travel Domain.
    • Basic overview on
    • HTML / CSS / Responsive / Bootstraps
    • JavaScript, Json , JQuery, XML Parsing
    • OOP concept and PHP or other Technology
    • Web Service and Parsing
    • Web Services Overview
    • Defining SOAP Messages with WSDL
    • Implementing Code–First Web Services
    • Generating Contract–First Web Services
    • Building RESTful Web Services
    • Providing Server–Side Support for Ajax Clients
    • Developing RESTful Clients
    • Securing Web Services
    • Start with Json parsing
    • Learn about XML API Parsing
    • Examples of customized integration
    • Testing and Debugging
    • More than 10 + API integration project in different platform
    • Will learn API Integration for travel Domain Such as
    • Flight booking API
    • Hotel Booking, Reservation API
    • Bus booking API
    • Car Booking API
    • Cruise booking API
    • Payment Gateway API
    • SMS integration
    • Facebook Social media API
    • Google web services API
    • Mobile recharges API etc…

we have two training programs

No limits on learning, No limits on Training duration, No limits on salary offer,No limits on job interviews call ,
learn AS much AS you can & your Dream job is ready

4 months Training (Code: PTP-4):

  • 4 Months Training Program

  • Monday To Friday (4 Hours/Day)

  • Only Practical things

  • Individual one to one Training

  • Professional Well Experience Programmers as Trainers

  • Stipend provide based on performance

  • On job training program with 100% Placement Assistance till your 1st offer letter

6 months Training (Code: PTP-6):

  • 6 Months Training Program

  • Monday To Friday (8 Hours/Day)

  • Only Practical things

  • Individual one to one Training

  • Professional Well Experience Programmers as Trainers

  • Stipend provide based on performance

  • job Guaranteed training with offer letter on 1st Day of joining

Few Words from beginner

One of our trainee would love to share his Experience with you

Jignesh Rupapara - PHP Developer

Myself Jignesh and yes i was done my professional Training on PHP opensource to learn from basics. i was join just after my graduation. It is a very good Training company for Web Development on php, magento, zend, cackphp etc...

after this Training program got job at GateSoft Solutions, Pune and i started  my career as PHP developer. All fresh Students who want their future in PHP Web Development must get Training from this Company Because the environment here is seems like company at there you can work on live projects and anyone can hire you after this course. 

Thank you.
Jignesh Rupapara,
PHP Developer,
GateSoft Solutions, Pune