Que:- How do I register for a particular course? Ans:-The best way to visit our office get all the required details from us, we also provide support on the following numbers +91 (079) 26400-298/698. You can even send across your queries at info@ExcelPTP.com  and we assure to get back to you within 24 hours.
Que:-Why ExcelPTP is known as professional training program (PTP) company? Ans:-We are one of reputed software company not any kind of institute, classes or academy who gives just training, ExcelPTP is a division of Amar InfoTech (AI) company and AI  is not hiring fresher so ExccelPTP give professional training and then AI hire them for as employee.
Que:- What qualification do I require for joining any course at PTP? Ans:-We expect you to have basic IT knowledge which will help you in understanding the training content better and will make you an efficient candidate in the market. In any case, if the basic IT knowledge lacks, we can cover up along with the chosen training course. But if you are looking at building a career in web development, you are taking the right step.
Que:- What is the course duration? Ans:-All the courses offered at PTP differ according to your requirement and skills. We have 3 programs as 1) PTP-2 (2 months), 2) PTP-4 (for four months) and 3) PTP-6 (6 months).
Que:- Why ExcelPTP is believe in only practical things? Ans:-Yes, At ExcelPTP program we give training as in practical things only, we never give lectures, theory materials, contents for the same. You have no limit to get knowledge and skills any programs, you can learn as much you want from us.
Que:- Do you offer Job placement assistance? Ans:-We are working along with number of software companies where there is constant demand for Software developers. We certainly provide job placement assistance to all our PTP-4 & PTP-6 Candidates. We give 100% job placement Assistance till not getting job.  
Que:- Do you offer Job Guarantees on paper? Ans:-yes, we give 100% job Guarantees to all our PTP-6 program candidates on paper, and they have 2 option either if they like to work with us or go for another company, you are free to select your company.
Que:-What is your past track of placements? Ans:-All our candidates who have completed professional training programs at PTP have been successfully been placed. We can get you introduced to few of them as here: http://excelptp.com/testimonials.html
Que:-How do I pay for any of the program applied for? Ans:-We understand value of money and the difficulty you may face with paying the entire course money in a shot, therefore we do have 2 installments where you can pay us.
Que:-How many days prior do I have to pay to get a confirmed seat in the course? Ans:-We believe in giving personal attention to all our candidates therefore focus on a limited number of seats, therefore we request each candidate to book their seat well in advance by paying a minimal amount and registering yourself.
Que:-Do I get a refund of my fees if by any chance I do not wish to continue? Ans:-All the trainings provided by PTP are non-refundable once you have registered and are part of the PTP programs.
Que:-Do you provide exposure to live projects? Ans:-Yes, initially we start from basic Task, Demo and then live project work with Sr. Programmers.
Que:-Can i shift from PTP-6 program to PTP-4 program in any case? Ans:-No, once you enrolled in PTP-6 program and then in any case if you like to move in PTP-4 program it’s not possible from our side. But yes you can shift from PTP-4 to PTP-6 during enrollment of any program.