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This Training is totally Customise IT Training program as per your need to learn, you can choose & Customise Courseware
And learn from best industries Experienced Developers to achieve your
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  • HTML5 is being developed as the next major revision of HTML the core markup language of the World Wide Web; it is the fifth revision of the HTML. This advanced level course is ideal for people who have experience coding WebPages but want to stay ahead of the curve. Knowledge equivalent to our Dreamweaver Level 2 class is highly recommended, as is some experience with hand coding. This class will use Dreamweaver but will be almost 100% hand coding.

    HTML5 and CSS3 helps in creating animations and games and that too without Flash. HTML5 also provides web applications the ability to store information even if you are working offline. HTML5 and CSS3 together help in making your web pages more attractive as compared to a simple HTML page. The added features available with the two are wrapping to the text, stroke and shadow to the text, rounded corners, direct web fonts, multiple backgrounds, background clipping, box shadow and resizing, direct web fonts, opacity, and many more.

    • In this Training, you’ll learn the following skills:
    • Learn the structure and markup of HTML
    • Explore new HTML5 form features
    • Learn to employ best practices
    • Work with CSS3 and build HTML5 applications
    • Learn the components and create styles using CSS3
    • Understand how to design page layouts and employ positioning with CSS3
    • Use best practices in CSS3 when using display commands such as web fonts, transforms and selectors
  • For HTML5 / CSS3, Web Responsive corporate training program only Following qualified Candidates Can apply.

    • Eligibility:
    • IT Professional Developer & Designer
    • Working as a front end developer and you’re interested in or working with HTML or XHTML
    • Interested in an introductory course where no prior knowledge is necessary
    • Already familiar with or have some background in JavaScript
    • Individual or Any Corporate Company's Employee will join this Training
    • Training Mode:
    • Onsite - At Your premises
    • Offsite- At Our premises - Ahmadabad
    • Online- By e-leaning

    Excel PTP Professional Training program (PTP) is a division of Amar Technolabs pvt. Ltd. (AI) Software Development Company. We are offshore outsourcing Web application Development Company with having huge employment in different technologies and provide Corporate Training to Govt. Sectors, Corporate sectors and to individual professional Employees as per there Standard and costume Requirements

    At Excel PTP, We have number of Qualified & Certified Professional Developers cum Trainer, who will give this training and make prepared yourself to work on your Requirement after this Training.

    • Introduction to Web Development:
    • How web application works
    • An introduction to HTML and CSS
    • Tools for web development
    • How to view deployed web pages
    • Three critical web development issues
    • How to code, test, and validate a web page:
    • The HTML syntax
    • The CSS syntax
    • How to use Aptana to work with HTML and CSS files
    • How to test, debug, and validation HTML and CSS files
    • How to use HTML to structure a web page:
    • How to code the head section
    • How to code text elements
    • How to structure the content of a page
    • How to code links, lists, and images
    • A structure web page
    • How to use CSS to format the elements of web page:
    • An introduction to CSS
    • How to specify measurements and colors
    • How to code selectors
    • How to work with text
    • A web page that uses an external style sheet
    • How to use the CSS box model for spacing, borders, and backgrounds:
    • An introduction to the box model
    • How to size and space elements
    • A web page that illustrates sizing and spacing
    • How to set borders and backgrounds
    • A web page that uses borders and backgrounds
    • How to use CSS for page layout:
    • How to float elements in 2- and 3-columns layouts
    • Two web pages that use a 2-column, fixed-width layout
    • How to use CSS3 to create text columns
    • How to position elements
    • How to work with links and lists:
    • How to code lists
    • How to format lists
    • How to code links
    • How to create navigation lists and bars
    • How to work with images:
    • Basic skills for working with images
    • Advanced skills for working with images
    • Related skills for working with images
    • How to work with tables:
    • Basic skills for using tables
    • Other skills for working with tables
    • How to work with forms:
    • How to use forms and controls
    • Other skills for working with forms
    • How to use the HTML5 features for data validation
    • How to use the HTML5 controls
    • A web page that uses HTML5 data validation
    • How to add audio and video to your web site:
    • An Introduction to media on the web
    • How to add audio and video to a web page
    • A web page that offers both audio and video
    • How to format web pages for printing:
    • The skills for formatting printed web pages
    • A two-column web page with special formatting for printing
    • How to use JavaScript to enhance your web pages:
    • Introduction to JavaScript and DOM scripting
    • How to use JavaScript to enhance your web pages
    • Another example: JavaScript for data validation
    • How to use jQuery to enhance your web pages:
    • Introduction to jQuery
    • How to use two of the jQuery features
    • How to use four of the jQuery UI features
    • A web page that uses jQuery
    • How to use jQuery Mobile to build mobile web sites:
    • How to work with mobile devices
    • An introduction to jQuery Mobile
    • How to use jQuery Mobile to create a mobile web site
    • How to format content with jQuery Mobile
    • How to use jQuery Mobile for page layout
    • A mobile web site that uses jQuery Mobile
    • Advanced HTML5 and CSS3 features:
    • How to embed fonts in a web page
    • How to use the Geolocation feature
    • How to use the web storage feature
    • How to use the Canvas feature
    • How to use the Drag and Drop feature
    • How to design a web site:
    • Users and usability
    • Design guidelines
    • Design methods and procedures
    • The design procedure applied to a small web site
    • How to deploy a web site on web server:
    • How to get a web host and domain name
    • How to transfer files to and from the web
    • Three more skills for deploying a web site
      Course Type Duration Price
    1 cTP : HTML5 / CSS3 Inquire IT Email US
    • Prices include:
    • Pre-course technical evaluation and baseline training
    • Hands-on classroom training
    • Course-ware
    • Single occupancy room in Hotels or at Office Premises
    • Free Wi-Fi Internet in the training centre
    • Three months after-course usability reinforcement
    • Airport pick and drop*
    • Hospitality Desk Support - Renting / buying mobile phone, laptop, tours, etc.
    • Online- By e-leaning
    • Online- By e-leaning

    For more information Related to duration, Pricing, Facilities & final course Outlet for corporate Training Contact us at info@excelptp.com

we have two training programs

No limits on learning, No limits on Training duration, No limits on salary offer,No limits on job interviews call ,
learn AS much AS you can & your Dream job is ready

4 months Training (Code: PTP-4):

  • 4 Months Training Program

  • Monday To Friday (4 Hours/Day)

  • Only Practical things

  • Individual one to one Training

  • Professional Well Experience Programmers as Trainers

  • Stipend provide based on performance

  • On job training program with 100% Placement Assistance till your 1st offer letter

6 months Training (Code: PTP-6):

  • 6 Months Training Program

  • Monday To Friday (8 Hours/Day)

  • Only Practical things

  • Individual one to one Training

  • Professional Well Experience Programmers as Trainers

  • Stipend provide based on performance

  • job Guaranteed training with offer letter on 1st Day of joining

Few Words from beginner

One of our trainee would love to share his Experience with you

Nehal Garg - Front End Developer

I am feeling very grateful to be a part of Excel PTP, Ahmedabad. In this Training i took summer training in website designing.

As per Collage Rules I have 2 months Training course on UI/IX Front End Development Training and I use technologies like html5, CSS3 and photoshop, Bootstrap, Responsive etc.. I have been using notepad, Dreamweaver respectively. Lots of learning, good management, enjoyable part of training is friendly environment. i was so happy to get max as my abilities in this two month Course.

With Regards.
Nehal Garg,
Summer Trainee on Front End UI/UX Developer,
Excel PTP- Ahmedabad