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Course Detail
Course Level: Beginner to Advanced
Course Duration: 4 Months | 8 Months
Training Days: Monday to Friday
Training Time: 4 hours / Day | Regular Office Time
Course Mode: IN-class (Offline) at our premises
Course Type: JOB oriented training
Course Start On: On Registration | Admission
Class Size: 1 to 1 | No Groups| No Batch


  • Considering is your last training: We assure for knowledge, so once your get job then your training will end.
  • Know your skills:Choose/Suggested a technology what you can do best.
  • Authenticate your skills: Entire course is on industrial practice so awarded with experience latter on placement.
  • Be highest paid fresher:We invented a unique model to get the job with highest starting salary, if you get good offer then US, you can join to them.
  • We don’t bind your ability: No specific course content, learn as much as you can, beyond the topics it helps to become logically sound.

Know what is Web Browser

Www domain name - types of domain

Benefits and drawbacks of internet

Useful website to get information

Google search related to useful information

Crom, explorer, firefox browser

Browser History, setting, password, bookmark etc

Internet security, password setting

How to watch on children surf and what to put on security etc

How to use mobile, security, browse history, clean up

Find on the app store, delete, create folders, basic setting

Use of Office Word, font, tools, setting save, save as, print etc

Use of MS Excel sheet, function, arithmetic calculation etc

Making presentation on powerpoint slide, run edit

Drawing picture on painting, edit and save as different extension

How to start computer / shut down , sleep mode

Search file , folder , image from computer

Create, delete, edit file, filder drive

Set password, connect LAN, Wifi

Scan virus, clean disk etc

Installing basic software like MS office

CD burning software (Nero etc)

Installing or adding printers

Installing or adding fonts

Installing sound drivers

Installing drivers for any new hardware

How to find driver from google

Installing new software and removing then using control panel

General security concepts (covering orientation on the criticality of the password – protection, guidelines on forming new passwords, guidelines on the protection of the assigned accounts)

How to use Social media and its setting

Making new A/C , control AC and delete it

Youtube channel making, surf for new videos to learn

Google search for new think in your mind which help you

Create an AC on Gmail, configure in outlook

Write to compose an email

Sending email, sent item find

CC, BCC , Attachment file

Create folder, search emails set spamming

Basic Computer Course design for all, graduate, undergraduate, 10+12 or house women, who need to learn basic computer to operate today's generation, control and for basic computer stuffs and securities.

Any graduates

10+12 or under graduates

Anyone who want to operate basic things by today's ERA and technologies


No limits on learning, no limits on duration, no limits on salary, no limits on interviews, learn as much as you can & get ready for your first job.


  • 4 months training duration

  • Monday to Friday (04 hours / Day)

  • Only practical based training

  • Individual 1 to 1 training

  • Professional developers as trainer

  • Stipend provide based on performance

  • Confirmed job – on-job training program


  • 8 months training duration

  • Monday to Friday (Regular office time)

  • Live & Direct work with team.

  • Stipend during training, Attractive salary offer.

  • +Unlimited placement, Dual job opportunity.

  • Get your first job offer on the day of joining.

  • IN as fresher OUT as experienced professional developer


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