Automation Testing

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Automation Testing Course Detail
Course Level: Beginner to Advanced
Course Duration: 4 Months | 8 Months
Training Days: Monday to Friday
Training Time: 4 hours / Day | Regular Office Time
Course Mode: IN-class (Offline) at our premises
Course Type: JOB oriented training
Course Start On: On Registration | Admission
Class Size: 1 to 1 | No Groups| No Batch

Automation Testing COURSE BENEFITS

  • Considering is your last training: We assure for knowledge, so once your get job then your training will end.
  • Know your skills:Choose/Suggested a technology what you can do best.
  • Authenticate your skills: Entire course is on industrial practice so awarded with experience latter on placement.
  • Be highest paid fresher:We invented a unique model to get the job with highest starting salary, if you get good offer then US, you can join to them.
  • We don’t bind your ability: No specific course content, learn as much as you can, beyond the topics it helps to become logically sound.

What Is Automation Testing

Need For Automation

Various Automation Tools

Types Of Automation Frameworks

Types Of Automation

Benefits Of Automation

Stat with Automation Frameworks

Introduction To Selenium

Selenium Components

Supported Browsers

Supported Languages By Selenium

Why We Call It Selenium?

Selenium Requirements

Supported Platforms

Advantages Of Selenium

Selenium Commands

Selenium Locators

Introduction To Eclipse

Project SetUp

Configure Build Path

Adding A Project

Adding Folders

Introduction To Selenium 3.0

Why WebDriver For Selenium?

New Features In Selenium 3.0

Architecture Of WebDriver

Configuring Eclipse For WebDriver

Introduction To Webdriver

WebDriver V/S RC

Limitations Of WebDriver

Installation Of WebDriver

Introduction To Synchronization Concept

Implicit And Explicit Waits

Purpose Of Selenium Grid

Using CustomValidator control

Sample Program On Web Driver

Implementation Of WebDriver

Page Interaction Model

Annotations In TestNG

TestNG With Eclipse

Grouping And Prioritization

TestNG Installation

Methods For Assertions

Parallel Execution / Sequential Execution

Data Provider In TestNG

Accessing Forms

Handling Windows And Frames

Handling Pop Ups & Alerts

Introduction To POM

WebDriver And TestNG Integration With POM

Advantages Of POM

Creation Of Page Repository

Introduction To Selenium Grid

Different Versions Of Selenium Grid

Purpose Of Selenium Grid

Parallel Execution On Different Machines

Introduction To Maven

Maven Installation

Purpose Of Maven

Application Configuration With Maven

Working with live projects on automation

Working on Projects, Define your ideas and test it

Explore your testing skill to Troubleshoot Codes

Get help from Google and find the right Solutions from many if find difficulties

Complete project on timeline, make better planning to achieve it

work on live project and get hired

We have Internship / project training / professional training for non programming or non technical fresher, with unique practical based learning thats make you Industry ready. Step in as Intern and step out as professional. First learn how industry works and its standards. Then complete your project Under experienced Tester guidance for practical industry exposure

Make a plan about how we can achieve our goal with deadline

Real Time Projects Training

Define difficulties and solutions for project definations

Research Analytics on project definition

Expertise On Core Java And Building Automation Scripts And Framework Being Embraced By QA Community

Students Will Boost Their Work Productivity By Getting In-Depth Knowledge Of Testing Tools

Focus On Aptitude And Logic Building Skills In Addition get help to updates on clients Communication, self confidence, interview tips to crack ideas etc


No limits on learning, no limits on duration, no limits on salary, no limits on interviews, learn as much as you can & get ready for your first job.

4 MONTHS Automation Testing TRAINING(CODE :- PTP 4)

  • 4 months training duration

  • Monday to Friday (04 hours / Day)

  • Only practical based training

  • Individual 1 to 1 training

  • Professional developers as trainer

  • Stipend provide based on performance

  • Confirmed job – on-job training program

8 MONTHS Automation Testing TRAINING(CODE :- PTP 8)

  • 8 months training duration

  • Monday to Friday (Regular office time)

  • Live & Direct work with team.

  • Stipend during training, Attractive salary offer.

  • +Unlimited placement, Dual job opportunity.

  • Get your first job offer on the day of joining.

  • IN as fresher OUT as experienced professional developer


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