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Apart from Android, is Flutter the right career option for the beginners ?

Posted By:ExcelPTP
July 30,2021
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“Are you looking for a Flutter app development company? Do you want to hire a Flutter app developer? Before taking any longer step towards the creation of the appliance , understand the technology, Flutter. What makes it different from others? Will it be used for futuristic applications? Is there any substitute for Flutter in the coming years?”

Introduction to Google Flutter for Mobile App Development

The market is flooded with mobile applications. One with an excellent user-interface and good performance wins the race. Likewise , the market has a lot of technologies for mobile app creations, but some of them are ruling the world of mobile app development . Out of them, one sunshine is Flutter. The Flutter development company in India has started to hire Flutter developers and are providing advanced knowledge about the relevant technology.

Flutter was launched in 2015 with the first adaptation codenamed “Sky” during The Dart Developer Summit. This first rendition of Flutter was running on Android and was able to provide graphics at 120 frames per second and rapidly attracted the attention of the development scene.

The first stable adaptation of Flutter 1.0 was introduced three years later on December 4, 2018. Within two years, in May 2020, Flutter launched its new version 1.17.0. And added the support of Metal API – the 3D graphic and computer shader API designed by Apple. Thanks to this, Flutter apps gained a huge boost on iOS, as well as adding the support for new Material widgets and network tracking.

So far, Flutter has achieved global popularity and recognition as a platform of choice for designing mobile applications..

Why is the Flutter Development Trending in 2021-22?

Single Codebase System:
Flutter SDK grants the development of applications for mobile, web and desktop using a lone codebase. These apps are decumbemt to run on both the Android and iOS platforms.

Saves Time:
The Hot Reload feature of the technology clarifies app deployment without wasting any time as compared to regular programming. With Flutter, it is easier to apply all the changes immediately to the application without losing its current state. One can fix bugs, design UI and add unique features without compromising on speed and development of the application.

Same UI and Business Logic for both Platforms:
Flutter which uses metamorphic widgets for app UI creation has common patterns. Due to this, there is no need for individually adjusting the UI features like colour, styling, etc. The UI and business logic can be altered globally by making changes to the code for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Hot Reload Feature Cooperation for Programmers and Designer:
Flutter’s hot reload that provides an immediate rendering of changes made to the code. Offers cooperation for both the programmers and the designer. If the programmer suggests any change to the UI, the designer will be able to notice it and act accordingly. That’s how both can get convinced with the changes made.

Akin to Native App Performance:
Flutter apps which are written in Dart language do not use JavaScript to compile code to native machine code. This opens up the process of compiling and releasing apps way faster than any other app development platform.

High App Responsiveness:
Flutter apps can act on any platform without any modification required to its Dart code. The outlook of flutter app development has already extended from mobile apps to web and desktop apps, which are dormant use today.

Requires Less Testing:
Flutter uses a single codebase to deploy applications on various platforms. Therefore,programmers are required to test applications just for once. This cuts down the time for testing and application’s marketing as well.

Scope of Flutter Mobile App Development in Future

We did a smooth comparison of Flutter and Android development. But this does not halt the influence of Flutter over Android apps. Android has set its market for years and the launch of Flutter has emerged as the Android application standard.

When you hire any Flutter developer make sure one has some experience of application in various app technologies. Since Flutter is new, the developer must have an idea about the various frameworks to experiment fruitfully on your app. The ratio of Flutter mobile app development companies is rising day-by-day.

When you are looking for Flutter app development companies, look for Flutter programmers who are either capable or have certification of Flutter app development. This abates the chance of mistakes.

We can’t forecast the future for Flutter development, but Flutter has a lot of capability to cover the masses (developers).


The description and facts which are mentioned here in this blog prove that Flutter is a complete game-changer in the cross-platform app development world. Flutter truly justifies being the best among the other mobile app development tools.

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