Certification Program on CodeIgniter

This is a professional training program designed for the people who want to excel the art of CodeIgniter.
Any final year student, IT graduate or an IT professional can join this program.

  • CodeIgniter is an open-source software rapid development web framework, for use in building dynamic web sites with PHP and a powerful PHP framework with a rich set of libraries and a simple interface that allows applications to be built fast without compromising on quality or efficiency. CodeIgniter is loosely based on the popular model–view–controller (MVC) development pattern. It is specially built for the developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create fully-functioned web applications which has rich features.

    ExcelPTP are providing the students with the most comprehensive training on CodeIgniter framework and we don’t say it blindly as for this comprehensive training we have a set of expert developers who are working on a Codeigniter for years and therefore the kind of training that the students will get at our premises will be a lot different than some typical institutes.

    This course is especially designed for the students who are freshers or for those who are working in the industry for a while now but want to enhance their knowledge. In this course, the students will learn about initial setup, CI application, CI URIs, Form Handling, Helper Function, Session Handling and Database Connectivity.

    • Here’s what you will learn!
    • Build your own web applications using CodeIgniter and MySQL and advance your knowledge of OOPs programming
    • Build projects that are great in terms of performance, business and application logic and visual presentation
    • Build applications from scratch using minimum code and with the support of a large number of libraries and resources

    Goal: The goal of this course is to help the students become concrete and professional CodeIgniter developers by providing them the most exclusive training. After learning this course, the students will be able to make their own web application through CodeIgniter which will help them in the industry.

    Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, Core PHP, and MySQL is required.

    • Overview on PHP (optional)
    • Overview on HTML/CSS
    • Overview CorePHP and OOPS
    • Overview OOP (optional)
    • Introduction Class & Objects
    • Class Constants
    • Autoloading Classes
    • Constructors and Destructors
    • Visibility
    • Object Inheritance
    • Scope Resolution Operator (::) (Static Method)
    • Static Keyword
    • Class Abstraction
    • Object Interfaces
    • Traits
    • Overloading / Over Riding
    • Object Iteration
    • Magic Method  
    • Final Keyword
    • Practical Assignment
    • Overview on MVC : Model, View and Controller (optional)
    • Learning with Examples for model – view – controller
    • MVC Approach
    • Getting Start with CakePHP Framework
    • Installing CodeIgniter
    • Application Architecture
    • MVC Framework
    • Basic Concepts
    • Configuration
    • Working with Database
    • Libraries
    • Working with Controller
    • Working with Model
    • Active record Pattern
    • Working with Views
    • Helpers
    • Working with Custom library
    • Error Handling
    • File Uploading
    • Sending Email
    • Form Validation
    • Session Management
    • Flashdata
    • Tempdata
    • Cookie Management
    • Common Functions
    • Page Caching
    • Page Redirection
    • Application Profiling
    • Benchmarking
    • Adding JS and CSS
    • Advanced Modules
    • Application security
    • Third party API integration in App
    • Custom library development from third party Php class
    • Advanced routings in Codeigniter
    • ACL Access control List
    • Secure Authentication

we have two training programs

No limits on learning, No limits on Training duration, No limits on salary offer,No limits on job interviews call ,
learn AS much AS you can & your Dream job is ready

4 months Training (Code: PTP-4):

  • 4 Months Training Program

  • Monday To Friday (4 Hours/Day)

  • Only Practical things

  • Individual one to one Training

  • Professional Well Experience Programmers as Trainers

  • Stipend provide based on performance

  • On job training program with 100% Placement Assistance till your 1st offer letter

6 months Training (Code: PTP-6):

  • 6 Months Training Program

  • Monday To Friday (8 Hours/Day)

  • Only Practical things

  • Individual one to one Training

  • Professional Well Experience Programmers as Trainers

  • Stipend provide based on performance

  • job Guaranteed training with offer letter on 1st Day of joining

Few Words from beginner

One of our trainee would love to share his Experience with you

Amit Kumbhani - Iphone App Developer

                I my self Kumbhani Amit K. we had nice opportunity join in your company Amar infotech & Excel PTP. And there I got training in IOS App. Developing in 2016. This time was like big and superb chance for me. and it also had given me idea to develop my self in this sector in my life.

I learnt many thing from Excel PTP and whatever I have learnt from them it is very beneficial for me. Therefore I am very grateful I also really appreciate Excel PTP Training Programs and I am very thankful for this.

Thank you.
Amit Kumbhani
Jr. iphone Developer
Averon Infotech Pvt Ltd