Professional Training on Asp.Net�

This is a professional training program designed for the people who want to excel in the field of Microsoft ASP.net web and windows application. �

  • ASP.NET is an open-source server-side web application framework designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages. It was developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services.

    We at ExcelPTP provide the training in Asp.Net framework where you will learn about how to build dynamic web pages. In addition to that, the course also includes basics of ASP.net & advanced .net topics. At last we are also going to develop an online ecommerce website project using ASP.net with C#.

    So if you are looking to build your career in website development and are interested in learning Asp.Net, you should join this course as ExcelPTP not improve your technical skills but also offers you a golden chance of placement after you finished the training.

    Goal: The goal of this course to train you in the field of website development so that you can make a bright career out of it in the industry. After learning this course, you will be able to build your own website with so much ease.

    Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is necessary to learn Asp.Net. Basic knowledge of any programming language will be beneficial but it’s not compulsory.

    • Advance in .Net:
    • Custom AJAX
    • Web services / XML Parsing
    • WPF / WCF Apps
    • Sharepoint / Dotnetnuke / Silverlight etc…
    • Eligibility:
    • BE / B Tech (Computer/ IT)
    • MCA / M Tech / Msc IT / MBA IT
    • Diploma in IT / Computer.
    • OR those who clear About OOP concept can apply.
    • Basic Core Design:
    • HTML – Division Base / Table Base
    • Advnce Css
    • Java Scripting
    • Basic Photoshop
    • PSD to HTML Conversion
    • Basic Dot Net Concepts:
    • ASP.net Installation, Variables, Loops, Arrays, Operators
    • ASP.net functions, Conditional Statements
    • ASP.net Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
    • ASP.net Class, Objects, Inheritance, libraries
    • ASP.net Session, Cookies, Form Handling
    • ASP.net Server Controls, HTML Controls, Validation Controls
    • ASP.net and Ms SQL Server Database Project using SQL insert, update, delete etc
    • Introduction to ASP.net and .NET framework:
    • What is ASP.net?
    • What is IIS?
    • IIS and .net Framework installation
    • create your first ASP.net web page
    • Run ASP.NET Page using web server
    • HTML and ASP.net
    • .NET Framework:
    • what is .NET Framework?
    • CLR (Common language runtime)
    • CLS (Common language specification)
    • FCL (Framework class library)
    • Intermediate Language
    • .NET Languages
    • Namespaces
    • SQLDataAdapter
    • SqlCommand
    • Dataset, Datatable, Datarow, DataColumn
    • SqlConnection
    • MS SQL Database:
    • Database concepts & RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems)
    • Introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language)
    • Creating ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram)
    • What are MS SQL data types?
    • DDL (Data definition language)
    • DML (Data manipulation language)
    • Creating and Editing Database and Tables
    • Primary key, Foreign key, Candidate Key
    • Inserting Data in tables, Updating data, Deleting data, Selecting data
    • Stored Procedure, joins
    • Controls & use in GUI:
    • Web Server Controls, Web design fundas
    • Label, TextBox, Linkbutton, HyperLink, Image, Datagrid, Listbox, And
    • Panel, Dropdownlist, Calendar, Web forms, Master Pages, Controls etc
    • ASP.net Programming basics:
    • ASP.net Syntax
    • Hello world
    • ASP.net variables and data types
    • ASP.net Operators
    • Conditional statements using If, else & Switch
    • ASP.net For and While Loops
    • ADO.net (ActiveX Data Object):
    • What is ADO.net?
    • Access and manipulate data using ADO.NET 3.5
    • Forward-Only Data
    • In-Memory Data Model
    • Data Binding:
    • Data binding, Postback
    • Binding to textboxes
    • Binding to labels
    • Binding to drop down lists
    • Binding to a Datagrid
    • Project 1: Build a Contact us Email Form (using ASP.net Coding and GUI):
    • Create Form on web page
    • Accept data
    • Mail function
    • Project2: Build a Login system (using ASP.net Coding and GUI):
    • Create a login page
    • Connect login page to database
    • Validate login data
    • Using ASP.net session
    • Project3: Build an online shop backend CMS (using ASP.net Coding and GUI):
    • Database for shopping cart website
    • Add Product page
    • Upload product image
    • View products
    • Delete product from catalogue
    • Update products
    • View customers
    • View online orders
    • Project4: Create an E-commerce shopping cart website (using ASP.net Coding and GUI):
    • E-commerce website design
    • Create a home page
    • Build a product search
    • Display e-commerce catalogue
    • Create a basket page
    • Add items to basket page
    • Update items quantity in basket
    • Remove items from basket
    • Customer checkout
    • Register customer details
    • Save Customer online order
    • Understand online transaction

we have two training programs

No limits on learning, No limits on Training duration, No limits on salary offer,No limits on job interviews call ,
learn AS much AS you can & your Dream job is ready

4 months Training (Code: PTP-4):

  • 4 Months Training Program

  • Monday To Friday (4 Hours/Day)

  • Only Practical things

  • Individual one to one Training

  • Professional Well Experience Programmers as Trainers

  • Stipend provide based on performance

  • On job training program with 100% Placement Assistance till your 1st offer letter

6 months Training (Code: PTP-6):

  • 6 Months Training Program

  • Monday To Friday (8 Hours/Day)

  • Only Practical things

  • Individual one to one Training

  • Professional Well Experience Programmers as Trainers

  • Stipend provide based on performance

  • job Guaranteed training with offer letter on 1st Day of joining

Few Words from beginner

One of our trainee would love to share his Experience with you

Amit Shah - PHP Developer

I am amit shah. I was having a little fear in my mind,is this institute is promising or not. But when my training got started, i felt so much of change in my knowledge. everyday i learned something new in my training. i got the real work environment and practical knowledge.

During training i found myself ready for the big challenges that i have to face in my career ahead. just after completion of my training i got placed in Silver Touch Pvt. Ltd. and now working as a Software Engineer in ISRO, Ahmedabad. My sincere thanks to all the team of excel PTP, they are not only experts but also have expertise in the art of teaching.Thank you Excel PTP.

Thank you.
Amit Shah
Software Engineer (PHP Developer)
ISRO - Ahmedabad