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  • This iPhone / iPad corporate training is intended for Experienced in other Technology or Objective C professionals Developer who are responsible for leading projects, designing solutions, and identifying problems. In this course, students learn the skills and best practices that are required to help organizations design and develop effective iPhone apps. We provide onsite and offsite Corporate Training as on follow things.

    ExcelPTP Corporate Training the work of training corporate employees. Corporate houses can depend on us to get their employees well versed in mobile technology. Corporate houses will find us to be one stop shop for all the mobile technology related training for its employees – be it Android, I-Phone, Windows mobile. Learn directly from the experts in a confidential setting where you can ask project-specific questions. Quickly get everyone on your team up to speed on the latest development tools and techniques. Schedule a private course around your time frame and initiatives.

    Course Objectives : Excel PTP Corporate Training for iOS iPhone Application Development Workshop gives great opportunity to learn and master the following skills:

    • Like:
    • Gain core skills on the framework of iOS development
    • Get hands-on proficiency on Xcode including the integrated Interface Builder
    • Create custom iOS drawing
    • Access iPad and iPhone user input from touches
    • Create and manage iOS controls such as buttons, text fields, and pickers.
    • Work with navigation controller, table views, and other UI components
    • Learn to work with Maps and Media API
    • Persist iPhone and iPad application state and user data


    • Experience in the following areas is required:
    • Basic knowledge of Web/Mobile apps application architecture
    • Experience in developing in a team environment
    • Basic knowledge of Objective C and Web services.
    • Good hand on Experience on HTML / CSS and java scripting
  • For iOS Iphone App Developer corporate training program only Following qualified Candidates Can apply.

    • Eligibility:
    • IT Professional Developer
    • Individual or Any Corporate Company's Employee will join this Training
    • Training Mode:
    • Onsite - At Your premises
    • Offsite- At Our premises - Ahmadabad
    • Online- By e-leaning

    Excel PTP Professional Training program (PTP) is a division of Amar Technolabs pvt. Ltd. (AI) Software Development Company. We are offshore outsourcing Web application Development Company with having huge employment in different technologies and provide Corporate Training to Govt. Sectors, Corporate sectors and to individual professional Employees as per there Standard and costume Requirements

    At Excel PTP, We have number of Qualified & Certified Professional Developers cum Trainer, who will give this training and make prepared yourself to work on your Requirement after this Training.

    • iOS Overview and History:
    • Introduction of iOS
    • What’s new in iOS7
    • What’s different about coding for iOS?
    • iOS Stack and setting development Environment:
    • A top down tour of the layers
    • About UIKIT, Cocao Toauch
    • Setting Up Your Project in Xcode
    • Getting familiar with Xcode(IDE):
    • The Xcode Workspace Window
    • The Toolbar
    • The Navigator View
    • Project Navigator
    • Symbol navigator
    • Search navigator
    • Issues navigator
    • Debug navigator
    • Breakpoint navigator
    • Log navigator
    • The Jump Bar
    • The Utility Pane, Interface Builder, New Compiler and Debugger
    • Introduction Xcode’s Interface Builder
    • A Closer Look at Project
    • Nib File, the Library, Adding a Label to the View and Changing Attributes
    • MVC and User Interface:
    • Small talks about The Model-View-Controller Paradigm
    • View Controller
    • Understanding Outlets and Actions
    • Cleaning Up the View Interface
    • About Application Delegate
    • Buttons and Action Method
    • Image View and Text Fields
    • Setting View Attributes
    • Text Field Inspector Settings
    • Closing the Keyboard
    • Tag, Checkboxes, Alert
    • Slider and label
    • Switches, Segmented Controls
    • Autorotation, Autosizing:
    • Mechanics of Autorotation
    • Points, Pixels, and the Retina Display
    • Autorotation Approaches
    • View Orientations
    • Designing Full-Width Buttons
    • Swapping Views
    • Changing Outlet Collections
    • Multiview Application:
    • The Architecture of a Multiview Application
    • The Root Controller
    • UINavigation Controller
    • Building a View with a Toolbar
    • Implementing the Content Views
    • Animating the Transition
    • Working with Tab Bar and pickers:
    • Tab Bar Framework
    • Date picker
    • Single-component picker
    • Multi-component picker
    • Picker with dependent components
    • Custom picker with images
    • Delegates and Data Sources
    • Dependent Components
    • Table View and Navigation Controllers:
    • Working on Table View
    • Grouped and Plain Tables
    • Customizing Table View
    • Grouped and Indexed Section
    • Working with Search Bar
    • Stack of Controllers
    • The NAV Application’s Skeleton
    • Setting Up the Navigation Controller
    • Storyboards, iPad Considerations and Application Settings:
    • About Storyboards
    • Dynamic Prototype Cells
    • Static Cells
    • About iPad
    • Split Views and Popovers
    • iPad Wrap-Up
    • Getting to know Your Settings Bundle
    • How to Add a Settings Bundle to Our Project
    • Reading Settings in Our Application
    • How to Change Defaults from Our Application
    • Application’s Sandbox
    • Getting the Documents Directory
    • File-Saving Strategies
    • Creating the Persistence Project
    • Archiving Model Objects
    • Archiving and Unarchiving Data Objects
    • Basic Data Persistence and Get onto iCloud:
    • Working on iOS’s Embedded SQLite3
    • The Core Data Application
    • Code Master
    • Initial Storyboarding
    • Storyboard Detailing
    • Adding iCloud Support
    • Using Core Data
    • Grand Central Dispatch, Background Processing:
    • Overview of Grand Central Dispatch
    • SlowWorker
    • GCD: Low-Level Queuing
    • Working with threads
    • Out-of-Process Receivers
    • Background Processing
    • Application Life Cycle
    • Notifications
    • Exploring Execution States
    • Working on Quartz and OpenGL:
    • The Quartz 2D Approach to Drawing
    • Small talks about The GLFun Application
    • Taps, Touches, Gestures:
    • Working with Gestures
    • Working with Tap and Touch events
    • Multitouch Terminology
    • The Multitouch Architecture
    • The Four Touch Notification Methods
    • Detecting Multiple Taps
    • Detecting Pinch and Rotation
    • Working with Map and Gyro and Accelerometer:
    • iOS core location framework
    • Mapkit and MKMapView
    • The Location Manager
    • Getting Location Updates
    • Error Notifications
    • Visualizing your movement on a map
    • Accelerometer Physics
    • Core Motion and the Motion Manager
    • Proactive Motion Access
    • Detecting Shakes
    • Accelerometer as Directional Controller
    • Camera, Photo Library, Collection:
    • Using the Image Picker and UIImagePickerController
    • Camera and Library
    • About UICollectionView class
    • Strings Files
    • MultiMedia and Application Localization:
    • Video Playback
    • AVAudioPlayer
    • AVAudioRecorder
    • Localization Architecture
      Course Type Duration Price
    1 cTP: iPhone / Ipad Inquire IT Email US
    • Prices include:
    • Pre-course technical evaluation and baseline training
    • Hands-on classroom training
    • Course-ware
    • Single occupancy room in Hotels or at Office Premises
    • Free Wi-Fi Internet in the training centre
    • Three months after-course usability reinforcement
    • Airport pick and drop*
    • Hospitality Desk Support - Renting / buying mobile phone, laptop, tours, etc.
    • Online- By e-leaning
    • Online- By e-leaning

    For more information Related to duration, Pricing, Facilities & final course Outlet for corporate Training Contact us at info@excelptp.com

we have two training programs

Our Professional Developers cum Trainer will give this training and make
prepared yourself to work on live work with us

4 months Training (PTP-4):

  • 4 Months Training Program

  • Monday To Friday (4 Hours/Day)

  • Only Practical things

  • Guided By our Professional Programers cum Trainers

  • On job training program with 100% Placement Assistance

6 months Training (PTP-6):

  • 6 Months Training Program

  • Monday To Friday (8 Hours/Day)

  • Only Practical things

  • Guided By our Professional Programers cum Trainers

  • On job training program with 100% Placement Assistance

International Corporate Training Program

Our Professional Developers cum Trainer will give this training and make
prepared yourself to work on live work with us

MD Ejaz Khan - Iphone Developer

I am Ejaz khan, i join ExcelPTP few month ago as in Oct in iphone app professional training program (PTP-6)m it was my nice Experience there, i got real Experience on mobile app iphone Technology from basic to advance level and see within few months at ExcelPTP training program I got selected in fusion infotech as a junior iphone developer with package of 2.4 Lacs/Annum.it was fantastic and good opportunity for me. i really like to say thanks to ExcelPTP and whole professional staff to support me and giving me real Expertise on mobile app Technology. really it is best place for all fresher who want start bright future in short time. just go and take training and learn as much as you can. here no limit to learn in any tech. if you have good skills then every companies jobs are on your hand. thank you so much to all staff.Thank you.MD Ejaz Khanios Developer - fusion informatics