Yes, it’s most important Question Why ExcelPTP ? We like to give answer as follows in brief…

Software Company: We are not an institute, IT training company, classes or academy but we are

Software Company.

ExcelPTP: Amar InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. (AI) is not hiring fresher directly so ExcelPTP gives training to fresher and make them ready to work with live work. We trained trainee to from scratching to advance level in short time from our Expert Team.

We have best infrastructure and latest technology and expert team.

100% Job Guarantees: We give 100% job guarantees on paper as well as 100% job assistance you choose with which one you like move.

Practical work: Only focus on practical thing rather than theory. We trained you from initial level to be self motivated.

Expert Guide: for self error resolving, interview tips, mockups, personal development etc.

Your Requirement: We specially focus on your requirement, and proceed as per your suggestion.

Person to person: We personally focus individual and give training personally.

Time line: we have fixed time line training but contents and knowledge has no border. As per your ability you can learn from us. Day by day as per your knowledge is grown up as per that our Expert is change from junior to senior and then TL and PM.

Fail in interview: Our Expert team also given an advice that during training program you must have to be fail in 5 interviews and discuss that experience with us then we guaranteed 6th one interview is your success.

Certificate: After successfully completion of your training program we provide you job Experience certificate.

ExcelPTP always tried to provide best programmers to IT companies and for that We are constantly in the process of updating your software skills adopting new technologies that can perform better functions. As we know in India thousands of Software engineer are graduate every year and only those Engineers or software developer reached at the top of mountain of success only who has Excellent IT Skill. We are always here to share knowledge and making of success IT Careers of yours. Reason to join ExcelPTP Program.