Why Freshers are not hired in corporates Companies Directly ?

May 16, 2014

Freshers means new comers or in other word we can say strangers in corporate culture. So it is quite natural that any company will prefer its journey with experienced guys rather than freshers because there is already some goals or targets are set to achieve during certain time limite with huge investments.

Here some lacking points are discussed for not hiring freshers in corporate sectors. Company has made investments and expects good output against it so freshers may not fulfill that requirements because they have only theorical knowldege and there is vast difference between theory and practical on the floor, due to lack of practical knowledge and conceptual skills they may not work so precisely and underpressor, so definately output will suffer and for that company has to invest more for their training, again it is time consuming.

Another point is there is very less chances for innovation and creativity because as a freshers they are not involved in perticular environment so they face problems to understand requirement this is because there is gape between what educational institutes are providing against corporate sector requirement.

so these are some basic points for not hiring freshers and improvement in these points can maximise chances for hiring in corporates. And this improvement can be possible through good practical and In working environment training.