Training Courses for PHP and Zend Framework Certification

August 15, 2013

Zend Certifications set the industry standard for PHP Programmers, recognizing outstanding expertise and delivering a measure of distinction for PHP and Zend Framework developers. Utilizing exam topics specified by an international board of top PHP experts, core contributors and community members, Zend Certification sets apart the developer who has mastered PHP and Zend Framework for practical applicability. After Zend Framework Certification Program you can also move on Magento MVC Certification from Excel PTP.

Get Firm Credentials behind Your Expertise: Becoming a Zend Certified Engineer assures your competitiveness in an increasingly competitive environment, enabling you to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Whether you are looking for a new job, making your case at your annual salary review, or looking for ways to increase your profile, as a Zend Certified Engineer you have a clear advantage.

In today’s competitive market, the ‘Zend Certified Engineer’ credential demonstrates the highest degree of PHP expertise.

Personal & Career Benefits:

  • Gain recognition from your employer and boost your value
  • Get your resume/CV noticed and differentiate yourself when competing for a new job
  • Get featured in Zend’s Certified Engineers directory for PHP professionals, used by recruiters to find top PHP developers worldwide
  • Participate in the ZCE exclusive group on LinkedIn
  • Get recognized by the PHP community as a proud and dedicated supporter of PHP
  • Get a free perpetual copy of Zend Studio

 Employer Benefits:

  • Standardize and ensure a high level of expertise in your PHP development teams
  • Implement industry best practices in your PHP development organizations
  • Maximize your team productivity and performance
  • Present a superior professional image to your customers and partners
  • Gain competitive advantages compared to other software development organizations

 Online Training: Zend’s instructor-Cum-Programmers will give online training courses will help you learn PHP quickly and easily. Relevant exercises are integrated throughout the curriculum, allowing students to apply their newly learned PHP skills. Each training class is delivered live, allowing for real-time interaction between instructor and participants.

Classroom / Offsite Training: Our product training courses are offered in a classroom setting. These comprehensive, experiential courses are taught by a Zend PHP expert, and include product and course material for each participant. Extensive, hands-on -exercises provide participants with the practical experience and confidence to apply their learning to the workplace.

Onsite Training: Onsite training services are a good fit for teams of 5 or more who need to be trained at once. In our onsite training, a highly experienced Zend professional will bring Zend’s knowledge of PHP, PHP applications, and Zend products directly to you, providing individualized attention to your team.  Facilities, equipment and resource requirements apply.

1 to 1 Training: 1-to-1 Training is Personal training program which we assign one Expert for the entire duration of the boot camp…

Advantages of 1-to-1Training are:

  • Quicker learning since you receives undivided attention of the trainer. You don’t have to wait for your turn to seek an explanation.
  • Better quality. Quality of instruction has an inverse relation with the number of students in a class.
  • Fully customized course to suit your training need.
  • You can start from Any Date.
  • Provide this training at your location or in hotel with full facilities.

 Trainers Profile: Excel PTP – Professional Training Program have more than 50+ Trainers cum developer who always ready to deliver and share their high skilled knowledge with students.

  1. 5+ years of Experience on development and training.
  2. Certified Developers cum trainer.
  3. All have Hand on Current IT Industry Development and Training Work Experience.
  4. They able to provide Each and every topic in Practical wise Training.
  5. Lot of Questions Answers and real time solution training ability.

Live Project Training: The course doesn’t end here, every student once completed the course successfully has to work on an international live project under a technical in some of the reputed IT companies. This strongly helps students of MCA, BE, BCA, MSc IT and BSc IT to have their final semester project completed as well gives a practical experience working under with an IT company.

 Small Task, Demo & Live Project-: It is very compulsory to work on an international live project under a technician in some of the reputed IT companies. This helps students of MCA, BE, BCA, MSc IT and BSc IT to have their final semester project completed as well gives a practical experience working under with an IT company.

For more information you can contact us at our email Ids as: info@ExcelPTP.com or visit our Office at office Address.