What You Have To Consider During Your Final Year Project Training?

October 31, 2017

As the 2018 is just a couple of months away, many of you would be thinking about setting the goals that you need to achieve right through this new year. If you are a student, you would be thinking about improving your academics & thereby securing a place in top college or top corporate according to your age.

Now let me ask you one question, how many of you are in your final year of the college or are going to be in the final year very soon? Well, many of you, isn’t it? If you are in the final year of Engineering (B.E./B.Tech) or in the final year of Computer Applications (BCA/MCA) or in the final year of M.Sc (IT), you would surely be thinking about how to select your final year projects and what is the final year project in engineering that I should take in order to secure good placement in the next year or so.

If you have planned your final year projects and the institute regarding that, then that’s well and good, but if you haven’t given a serious thought regarding this issue, then I tell you what you’re in a massive trouble mate. As the final year will approach, there will be lots of responsibility on your shoulder such as completing the project on time, clearing the subjects according to your syllabus, preparing for placements & finally enjoying the farewell.  

My personal experience says that if you plan for your projects and institute well in advance, it will be very easy for you to complete your project on time or in my case it was before time. In addition to that, I also got the time to prepare for my subjects and the extra time allowed to me to enjoy my farewell as well. Now this means choosing the right institute and right project for final year & I tell you what you should be very very careful while deciding this because; if the institute only takes money and completes your project, you will have no on hand experience of the development that you need in a professional environment.  

Now let me give you a stat regarding it which will raise your eyebrow for sure. In India, every year, 1.5 million engineers are getting passed out but only 7% of these are getting placed which is absolutely shocking, isn’t it? So now you should have an idea about the importance of final year project. It’s a cut-throat competition era my friend and if you’re not one step ahead of others, you will be thrown out for sure.

Are you worried about your final year projects? Are you thinking about what are the criteria that I should keep in mind while choosing the institute? Then don’t be so. Today I’m going to give you 7 tips for final year engineering student for choosing final year projects which will work like a gold dust for you all guys. This 7 tips are no less than 7 wonders of the world for a final year student. So let’s explore them one-by-one.

Tip 1 : Find out more about ‘You’ and Your Abilities:-

As they say:

“You need be Believer first, in Order To Be An Achiever.”

You have to believe in your abilities and trust yourself to achieve whatever you desire for yourself. One thing to keep in mind while selecting the project is that is that don’t blindly follow the trend. For ex: Suppose everyone is choosing a project in Android that doesn’t mean you have to go with the flow. You need to make sure that you’re good enough to do that work, if not, then choose the technology that you’re more convenient with. Always ask yourself what are my strengths and weaknesses which will help you to make a better choice.

Tip 2 : Choose Your Academic Project as Simple as Possible and Focus on Learning:-

The second most important thing to keep in mind while choosing the project is that you have to take the project as simple as possible. By advising you to go for simpler projects I’m not telling to doubt your abilities, but by simple I mean to say that you need to be aware about the deadline that is in front of you to complete the task. Most of times in order to impress the faculty, students takes very tough project, but could not able to complete in the given time which eventually costs him/her in the marksheet. So always choose the project as simple as possible and put more focus on learning the new technology that you need to be aware about for completing the task.

Tip 3 : Stay Updated With the Latest Technology:-

Whatever you choose as your final year project title just make sure that you’re staying updated with the latest technology that’s running in the current scenario in many companies. Many times I have seen students facing this problem because; while they are in training they learn the basic technology, but in the market there is already an advance version available. So when the students go for placement they struggle to find a way. In order to avoid it, always ask your seniors or any of your elders about the latest technology which will help you to prepare for the professional environment. In addition to this you can also search on Google about the latest technology and learn it online with the help of YouTube videos.

Tip 4 : Focus on Practical Experience:-

student tips for final year project training

Concept based learning is about to end, now it’s the time for Application based learning. So always focus on the practical side of the things while doing the tasks of final year project. Now you’re going to be in a professional organization very soon where you have to deal with the real-time problems & for that you need to develop a practical mindset. Many times students complete the projects on time, he/she know each and every little detail about the project and get good marks, but are not able to deliver when they join an organization. So better be aware about the problem in advance and try to learn the things practically. In starting you may find it difficult, but the more you practice, the more you will be able to deal with it.

Tip 5 : Strengthen Your Basic Technical Skills:-

If you think about the most successful final year projects examples in the recent years, one thing will be common in all that project. The students making that projects will have a thorough technical knowledge about each and every small detail that he/she has developed during the entire year. So the time has come for you to sharpen your technical skills be it coding, designing, database or whatever else you need to work on. One thing is certain that when the big MNC come to you for placement they will surely look at your core technical knowledge and on the basis of how strong you’re in basic they will select/reject you. So start working on the technical aspects of your skill level and you surely reap the rewards.

Tip 6 : Improve Your Non- Technical Skills:-

In addition to strengthening your core technical skills, you also need to make sure that you’re improving your non-technical skills. Now you may be wondering about what is the non-technical skills? Skills such as Discipline, Good Communicator, Punctuality etc. comes under the category of non-technical skills. As a part of your project, you always wonder about how to make final year project presentation that impresses everyone. Now this skill also comes under non-technical skills. Your technical skills will get you great rewards in the placement, but you it is your non-technical skills that you put you one step ahead of others when the organization is thinking about increment or promotion. So try to develop that part also during your final year.

Tip 7 : Choose a Company for Final Year Project Training Which Helps You to Get the Right Job:-

After developing all the skills, it is the time to give you the most important advice of the all the tips that you have gone through so far. This tip is make or break type of  thing in your final year project, so understand it carefully. In order to complete the final year project all the students tend to choose a company which will help him/her, complete to his/her project in the nick of the time. But very few company ensure you a good placement after the training is over. So once the training is over, you have to start all the things from the scratch which is very frustrating. So now when you go to choose a company for your training, make sure they are ensuring you to get the right job as well once the training is finished.

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