Silverlight Training

January 31, 2012

Microsoft Silverlight is a potent tool for producing and bearing copious Internet applications programme and media experiences on the Web. Silverlight 5 rests on the base of Silverlight 4 for building business applications and premium media experiences. Silverlight 5 brings in more than 40 new features, including dramatic video quality and performance improvements as well as features that improve developer productivity. For more information of its Feature visit: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink?linkid=229308

Silverlight is a fresh cross-browser, cross-program effectuation of the .NET Framework for building and bearing the succeeding multiplication of media goes through and Rich Interactive Applications (RIA) for the web.

Amar InfoTech’s PTP program is specially design for training the students aspiring to build their career in computers and information technology industry. We are Reputed and fast growing IT Software Company working with Globes client and from this PTP program we hired fresh new candidate. Here are the basic training features we included in the PTP program and then put fresh candidate on live clients work under on our PM / TL or Experience Developer.

Introduction Getting Started With Silverlight
WPF Basics Of Vectors and Pixels About Silverlight
WPF / XAML Setting Up a Silverlight Development System
  Silverlight Example
Silverlight Tools Declarative Silverlight
Why Tools XAML Basics
XML Editors XAML / Using Text
Vector Graphics Editors Using Shapes / Positioning Elements
Silverlight IDEs Using Images / Using Brushes
Interaction and Event Handling Transformations and Animations
Interactive Silverlight Transforming and Animating Content
Events and Event Handlers Transformations
Mouse Events Animations
Keyboard Events