SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Professional Training

January 20, 2012

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a part of a larger marketing methodology of search engine marketing. SEO is the procedure of improving the ranking of a web page in search engines (example Google, bing, yahoo, Ask) using natural and non advertising based search results.

The higher a page is visible/ ranked in a search engine has a direct correlation to the number of hits that web page receives. SEO uses a wide variety of mechanisms to augment a sites visibility in search results. SEO Professionals use a local search, Google places, video search, news search and industry search for optimizing a site.

Amar InfoTech’s PTP Program offers training in all Web Technologies. Our expertise is in training students in ASP.Net, VB.Net, PHP, Mobile apps, Open CMS, Drupal, Joomla, CakePHP, Magento, iphone, android, SEO, Web designing them to get employment with various companies in Gujarat.
Introduction to SEO

Introduction to SEOSearch Engine Basics
Overview of SEOHTML and CSS
PHP as a Scripting LanguageVariables and Expressions in PHP
PHP OperatorsConditional Test, Events and Flows in PHP
Functions and Arrays using PHPMySQL 5.0
Sessions And CookiesEmail Handling / File Uploading


How to make your site Google Friendly and avoid your sites from Google send Box.Difference of one way, two way and three way link building
How to Identifying website is static or DynamicOff Page Optimizations Factor
SEO Requirements GatheringLink Popularity development Factor
Keyword ResearchWhat is Spamming Tactics?
Title and META Tag CreationBlog Creation
On page Optimizations FactorLink Building Strategy with professional Touch
Robots.txt and Robots Meta TagArticle Submission
301 RedirectsDirectory Submission
Key Words Density ( with on page tactics)Form Posting
Link NavigationsCompetitors Back link Research
What is Spamming Tactics?Do follow link and No follow link
Flash and SEOSEO software in production
Blog PromotionsOverview of Adword and Adsense
Sitemap Creation (sitemap.xml)Flash and SEO

Who Should Attend

Fresh College Students from Gujarat For more details send an email to info@ExcelPTP.com and book your training now!