PHP Training in Ahmedabad

July 2, 2013

We Excel PTP offers various Course to give professional Training in Gujarat for Final year Students for Academic projects, last semester industrial Training, job oriented Training and corporate training program in Ahmedabad.

We specially introduce this training program for Employment with Amar Techno labs Pvt. Ltd. and Amar InfoTech and some other companies also required best skilled Employees as fresher. And 99% all trainees are working with reputed Software Development Company all over in India after this training program with good salary packages.

As per our review on hiring process and requirement now a days We like to Define Categories for best employment in Gujarat are

1)      iPhone app – is now a day’s good in demand.

Because of Mac System not afford everyone easily and in Gujarat short of iphone developer so they got good pakage in salary as fresher and fast requite if have basic knowledge over on iphone and ipad app development.

2)      PHP : Open Sources (CMS: joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Typo3, and CMS: Magento, Frameworks: Zend, CakePHP, yii are in good demand)

Most of the developer in core PHP is easily available in Gujarat, but it’s very difficult to find magento, CakePHP, Zend, Typo3, Drupal, WP, joomla Developer, so the best option to get training on PHP and open sources to make bright future now a days.

3)      Android app Development

Candidates like who has basic information on core java, and have master degree on MCA, they70% select make their career on Android app Development. But as per our review after 2 to 3 year like as dot net IT industry esilly got Android developer so rather than go with android we suggest moving on iphone app development skills.

4)      Asp.net Development

Thousands of developer available in Asp.net technologies now a days so not the good choice to move on asp.net now if you are thinking to move fast growth and get job instantly. On in once case like you have big thought to make career in Microsoft technologies like DNN, sharepoint then this is best choice to move on.

5)      Other non-technical courses are: Web designing, SEO, QA- Software Testing.

These all non-technical courses are also a good choice if you don’t like to move on Technical side or little bit confuse over programming. In long term bright future with respect to salary package and jobs.


This all information we gathering as per we hiring peoples since last 4 years but that doesn’t mean any technologies are not in demand. All technologies are best but the market is not stable due to flow of technologies selected by fresher.

We at ExcelPTP give professional Training of PHP and then give jobs at Amar inftech as per performance and also give 100% job guarantees on paper by direct providing job offer letter on first day of training program.

Content of Basic PHP

 PHP Introduction
•    PHP Programming Concepts
•    PHP Functions
•    Arrays and Array Functions
•    Sessions & Cookies
•    Error Handling in PHP
•    MySQL Database Training
•    Working with MySQL Admin
•    SQL Queries
•    PHP and SQL
•    MySQL Functions in PHP


Course Content of PHP Certification

HTML 5/ CSS 3 / JavaScript
Joomla / WordPress
Magento / Zend

CakePHP / Yii


Content of Advance PHP

What new in PHP 5.3
•    OOPS
•    Class Constants
•    Autoloading Classes
•    Object Inheritance
•    Scope Resolution Operator (::)
•    Static Keyword
•    Class Abstraction
•    Object Interfaces
•    Traits
•    Patterns
•    Magic Methods
•    Object Cloning
•    Comparing Objects
•    Type Hinting
•    Objects and references
•    Object Serialization
•    PHP Form Handling
•    Mailing
•    PHP File Handling
•    Try and Catch handling errors
•    PEAR
•    XML in PHP
•    MVC Patterns

 Eligibility & Course Duration

You can take this training only with having basic computer knowledge or we can clear that up for you. The total duration for the course is 4 to 6 months (5 days a week 4 hours / full day only practical things)

  1. MCA / BCA / MBA IT  Candidates
  2. BE /B tech / IT / EC candidates
  3. Msc IT / Bsc IT Candidates
  4. Diploma in Computer Engg. Candidates can apply
  5. Others graduate too for non Technical IT courses.

Live Project Training

The course doesn’t end here, every student once completed the course successfully has to work on an international live project under a technical in some of the reputed IT companies. This strongly helps students of MCA, BE, BCA, MSc IT and BSc IT to have their final semester project completed as well gives a practical experience working under with an IT company.

Small Task, Demo & Live Project-:

It is very compulsory to work on an international live project under a technician in some of the reputed IT companies. This helps students of MCA, BE, BCA, MSc IT and BSc IT to have their final semester project completed as well gives a practical experience working under with an IT company.

For more information you can contact us at our email Ids as: info@ExcelPTP.com or visit our Office at office Address.