Campus Training

Workshop & Seminars

ExcelPTP offers various ‘Expert Lectures’ session series for students, staff & official’s groups. The following sessions are especially designed for college & university students whether they are in stream of technology. The suggested workshops will help the students and staff to equip themselves with most required personal, professional, IT & Office skills during their professional lives.

  • Session(s) Selection option is available.
  • Lectures or Seminars days will be finalized according to the content selection.
  • Single day Lecture / Seminar / Workshop / Technical Event is Available

We are specialized in organizing Workshops, Short Term Courses, Faculty Development Programme, Expert Lectures, Technical Events, Seminars and Conferences on Recent Trends, Technologies and Tools in the Universities, Engineering Colleges and Academic Institutions

We have a team of High Profile Technical Experts (Including Senior Professors and Programmers) for Content Delivery and Lab Sessions in the events. The Expert Lectures / Workshops / Short Term Courses / Faculty Development Programme / Seminars can be organized in any Technologies as per your choice.

For more information contact us at: info@excelptp.com or come to our main branch at ExcelPTP