Magento Developer certification training course in USA

December 26, 2012

Experienced developers can validate their real-world skills by earning Magento Developer Certification. Magento Certified Developer Exams are geared toward professional Magento developers who want to differentiate themselves from the competition with the ultimate Magento credential.

ExcelPTP is part of Amar InfoTech Software Company in india which are working on magento platform since last 5 years, and training will given by our Best Expert trainers cum Developers form Amar infotech. This is all customization training program based on your requirements.

Highlights of the Magento Certification Program from ExcelPTP

You will never regret enrolling in the Magento certification course offered by ExcelPTP because its comprehensiveness gives you a guarantee that you will be learning everything about the application. With the help of our Experience Developer on Magento certification course, and we give this training from basic steps to advance level as in practical things so you can understood the magento frameworks from basic, you will become more proficient and knowledgeable in the following related topics:

  • Introduction to using Magento from basic
  • System requirements for Magento installation
  • How to determine the PHP version and extensions stored in your web server?
  • Steps and procedures that you need to undertake when installing and downloading Magento and uploading it into your web host
  • How to set permissions or rights for the directories and files of Magento?
  • How to effectively create a database and a database user?
  • Understanding attributes, categories and products and their relationship to Magento
  • Using Magento to create attributes, attribute sets and categories
  • How to create a customer and product tax class and a tax rate in Magento?
  • Effectively importing and exporting tax rates
  • How to effectively add simple products and assign attribute set?
  • Effectively customizing the appearance of your online store through Magento
  • Effectively customizing callouts and layered navigation menu
  • Steps to create a blank grouped product
  • How to designate attributes as configurable?
  • Giving out discounts for customers who have reached the minimum quantities of items
  • And many more real time Examples on live work during this program


These all Contents is just about to basic for us, we give more than this and that will depend on you how much you can learn from us so just buy a ticket to india and join our professional training program.

Especially for international trainee we provide full package for professional program it includes Accommodation, Food, travel Gujarat and more… register your training now!

For more details send an email to info@ExcelPTP.com and book your training now!