Magento Developer Certification Course

December 31, 2012


ExcelPTP – professional Training program for certification is recently starting magento certification training in Ahmedabad and for this training we provide all support on magento certification up-to-date training materials and Exam preparation guideline & professional training. ExcelPTP Magento training Trainers are certified trainers on magento developer plus certification and others are provide all information from basic to advance level with real examples so you can understood easily and resolve it.

What is Magento?

Magento refers to an open source ecommerce web app which was first launched last March 31, 2008. This application was established by Varien which is now called Magento, Inc. with the assistance and expertise of excellent programs that form part of the open source community. It utilizes a database model called entity attribute value (EAV) which is extremely useful in storing data. Magento can also be defined as an open source e-commerce solution which has a wide range of tools that are essential in building a more effective and successful shop online.Among the major features that you will surely enjoy from using this open source ecommerce web app are the following:

  • Analytics and Reporting Feature which works by integrating scripts with the help of Google Analytics while offering different reports.
  • Product Browsing Feature which is capable of offering numerous images for your products, wish lists and extensive reviews options.
  • Catalog Browsing which guarantees easier navigation, effective product comparison and advanced product filtering system.
  • Other remarkable features are catalog management, order management, customer service, customer accounts, shipping and checkout.

@ExcelPTP  Magento Developer Certification Program:

If you want to become a Magento expert, then be aware that an online certification company named ExcelPTP can effectively provide to your needs through the Magento certification program that it now offers. This Magento course offered by ExcelPTP is extremely beneficial because aside from the quality and accuracy of all the information that forms part of it, it was also developed by real experts so you have a guarantee that it is capable of satisfying your desire to learn everything about this open source e-commerce web application.

By deciding to take part in this certification program, you will get the chance to access the company’s Magento training which provides comprehensive and accurate information about the basics of installing the app, the different features that are installed in it and how you can use it to develop the most effective e-commerce website. Completing your Magento certification course is very rewarding because it allows you to receive a certificate which can show how effective you are in using the application.

At ExcelPTP, Magento Developer certification program which comprises of two levels:

  • Magento Certified Developer (MCD)
  • Magento Certified Developer Plus (MCD Plus), has an additional 20 questions

Questions are based on Magento Community Edition Magento Enterprise Edition. Surprisingly there is a detailed outline of 10 specific areas that exam covers, all you need to do are to study it.

  1. Basics (5%)
  2. Request Flow (7%)
  3. Rendering (8%)
  4. Working with Database in Magento (12%)
  5. Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) Model (10%)
  6. Adminhtml (8%)
  7. Catalog (10%)
  8. Checkout (15%)
  9. Sales and Customers (12%)
  10. Advanced features (13%) (Check the document for details.)

Magento Certification Program For

The Magento Developer certification program which is now available in your home town at ExcelPTP – Ahmedabad Branch, provides to the needs of a wide range of individuals and professionals. This certification course targets webmasters, PHP Developers, e-commerce managers, merchants, web development firms, developers, business owners, e-commerce store administrators and any other individuals and professionals who are currently planning to build an e-commerce project on magento.

Opportunities after Completing a Magento Certification Course

Finishing up a Magento certification course from ExcelPTP, you got much opportunity towards accessing numerous jobs in the IT industry worldwide with unexpected packages. As soon as you receive your Magento certification, you will find it easier to get the following positions:

  • Magento Developer
  • Magento Software Engineer
  • Magento Consultant
  • Magento Product Marketing Director
  • E-commerce Manager

Success Story:

Recently we started certification Exam training on magento and one of our success stories is Mr. Jaimin recently Patel passed magento developer plus certification from ExcelPTP, he is 5th magento developer plus certified developer in Gujarat and 30th in India. During this program you can take preparation advice from him and crake the Course & be a magento certified developer with us.






For more details about Magento Developer Certification training program send an email to info@ExcelPTP.com and book your training now!