Iphone Training in pune

February 25, 2012

Avoid all the disarrays and frustrations about job when trying to learn iPhone app programming. App development for iPhone is a huge topic with Bright Future! So it’s often ambitious for you to know where to begin and there are finds that you might get disappointed and fall into confusions.

Amar InfoTech working on mobile application such as iPhone apps development so also provides professional training for final year IT student or corporate IT peoples to make his bright future with our Expert and contributes his knowledge with IT companies.

iPhone Training Basic Details

  • Our interactive training provides “concept, problem and Solution system” which provides a step-by-step approach for all candidates.
  • The Training curriculum is developed based on a proven system that is recognized in the industry.
  • Our Employees have years of experience in iOS SDK Development and they are available whenever you need help on understanding a concept or you face coding issues.
  • In order to test your applications, we provide you original MAC, iPhone, iTouch, iPad devices
  • We guarantee that, by the end of this course you will be able to build a working iPhone application

Objective-c memory management

  • Auto release pool—using accessor method
  • Control statements and loops in objective-c
  • Managing memory using auto release pools

Principles of oops

  • Working with variables and constants
  • Control statements and loops in objective -c
  • Introduction to array and pointers
  • Protocols and categories

Objective-c memory management

  • Auto release pool—using accessor method
  • Control statements and loops in objective -c
  • Managing memory using auto release pools

Interface builder

  • Document window workflow tools
  • Outlets and actions
  • Referencing outlets

Introduction to debugging

  • Types of debugging and debugging preferences
  • Managing program execution
  • Setting and viewing breakpoints

Introduction to cocoa touch

  • Design pattern of cocoa-mvc design pattern
  • Foundation classes, value objects, collections
  • Delegation

Building different types of applications

  • View controllers
  • View controllers and types
  • Creating view controller application

Keyboard inputs

  • Customizing the types of inputs
  • Displaying, dismissing of keyboard
  • Screen orientations

File handling and basic data persistence

  • Property list types and objects
  • Property list serialization
  • Creating and modifying of data using pList

Working with sqlite data base

  • Creating of database and using it in iphone app
  • Introduction to url loading system
  • Working on url loading system-rss reader

Integrating with core services

  • Integrate iphone app with address book, maps
  • Safari, mail, and other standard application
  • Viewing and analysing traced data
  • Live Work Demo and implementation

Our Experienced developers teach the iphone application development, so they also teach all the tips and tricks which can essentially make the life easier. Our instructors also make you aware of the real problems that they face while developing an iphone app so that you learn how to get rid of the most common issues which cause maximum trouble.

For more Detail and Training Fees, contact us at info@excelptp.com