ios iphone Training in Ahmedabad

July 18, 2013

As we know now a day’s mobile are huge communication network & Device used by all type of peoples from middle class to rich, everyone’s vital need is now a cell phone and same all company provides more feature on it for internet Access and apps for more fun and knowledge sharing.  So as per our review now a day’s Android mobile and iphone is widely used in whole world and same more apps also required to face competition  and have more business.

The iPhone is a line of Internet and multimedia-enabled smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. And now a day’s very popular in the globs and peoples are also looking for more apps who will give all solutions in as a application which is run on iphone.

At Excel PTP, provide Training to those Candidates who looking for final year training, Academic projects training, Experienced Developer who like to switch over on new Tech. Or job oriented are join this job oriented training program.

We focus and believe on Practical knowledge rather than go with lectures or theory. And we give our 100% at attention to provide best quality of iphone App Developer to the IT industry. Excel PTP is a Section of Amar Techno labs Pvt. Ltd which is well known Software development company and specially give this training to hire them as employment in own branch. And that is the reason why we best than other to provide professional Training on any Technology. Excel PTP also known as PTP: professional IT Training program in Gujarat.

Excel PTP iPhone Training Highlights

  • Our interactive training provides “concept, problem and Solution system” which provides a step-by-step approach for all candidates.
  • The course curriculum is developed based on a proven system that is recognized in the industry.
  • Our trainers have years of experience in iOS SDK Development and they are available whenever you need help on understanding a concept or you face coding issues.
  • In order to test your applications, we provide you original MAC, iPhone, iTouch, iPad devices.
  • We guarantee that, by the end of this course you will be able to build a working iPhone application
  • With this course you will master objective-C, Xcode and Interface Builder to develop iPhone applications.
  • Get hands-on knowledge with the iPhone’s Cocoa touch development environment, including Xcode and Interface Builder
  • Start writing your own iPhone apps that make full use of the iPhone SDK.

For more information visit our office or contact us on info@excelptp.com and be part of us to start a Bright IT Career with us.