India is a country who always believes in “अतिथिदेवो भव” ideology which means ‘The guest is equivalent to God’. We are a country who gives a lot of importance to hospitality of our international friends. The same applies with the ExcelPTP where we treat our clients like they are our own people. If you join any of our professional courses, we will provide you with the opportunity to not only learn but also to explore some of the best places of our home state Gujarat.

Gujarat is a state which has a magnificent combination of traditional culture and modern marvels. At one end, you have all the different culture and heritage that you must experience as a traveller while at the other end, we have the all the modern marvels like shopping mall, latest technological building etc. that you will love the most. To balance your training and travel, we have made a schedule for you in which from Mon-Fri, you will take training on various technologies and on Sat-Sun which you will explore various places of Gujarat as well as the Incredible India with ExcelPTP team Members.

Now, you all may be wondering about which are the famous places where we can go and enjoy on weekends? Let me give you names of some of the most famous tourist places of Gujarat first. If you join our course, we will give you the opportunity to visit some magnificent places like the historic Gandhi Ashram & Sabarmati RiverFront in Ahmedabad, Vijay Vilas Palace & White Rann in Kutch, Gir Forest Park & Girnar Mountain in Junagadh and many more.

In addition to that, you can also explore some amazing places outside of Gujarat such as like Goa, Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Manali etc. which will attract you the most. During this travel, you will learn about the various culture and tradition of our country, which will be a lifetime memory for you all. No other training institute gives this kind of chance to the foreign students, but ExcelPTP is one place which gives you the chance to only learn but also to explore the country. So, for whom are you waiting? Join ExcelPTP and get a chance to visit the Incredible India.

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