Final Year MCA Project Training

December 31, 2015

Final year project Training is very important to Define your IT Career. So be careful and think twice to choose your technology. Because once you select and enroll for final year live project training with company it will draw your IT career especially for Fresher.

Why so important Final year / final semester project training?

Final year semester of year will give you basic awareness with industrial Requirement and giving you a chance to know actual programming by your collage project. And as per our experience Trainee will only interested to move on to making his/her career on that same technology because they don’t get chance to work on another technology. So it’s very important to select best one with compare to current market and their needs.

Which Technology is good to Start IT Carrier?

This is one also good question and 90% trainee’s having question mark for this. Well you can choose Technologies by review on IT market. For reviewing need to consider following factor:

  • Demand and Supply rules: it mean just consider how many company having requirement on which Technology and how many fresher and experience ready to apply.
  • Chose open sources Technology as career because today’s client need to enroll for project in which technology that give fast output in a law budget. – Like PHP open sources, CMS and Framework will be best for Web Technology.
  • If we consider mobile app Development then we have best 3 option:
  • Windows mobile app: windows are in less demand as compare to Android and Ios app Development. Generally Demand is create from number of user increase to buy which operating system support on mobile phone. Both Android and Ios is good as of this age.
  • Google Android app: Google Android OS supported mobile phone is he in demand in Asia and the globe. And support Android operating system. If fresher are good at core java level then good to select Android app development.
  • Apple Iphone App : is also a best one to move for mobile app development. It shows us a brand define user and very huge in demand in the glob especially for the entre globe. If fresher having good skills over objective C and OOP it will good move on it. Electronic and communication EC Engineering student have first priority to go with it.
  • Another option for non-technical Fresher : if Information Technology Students and Fresher are not much good on technical Aspect they need to move for Software Testing as quality Assurance QA, SEO-SEM search engine optimization or Web Designing or Business development which are good for start-up with same salary and growth on IT Sector. Also non IT sector fresher can also jumping on this to have good IT Career.

In the moral of this story need to select PHP open sources to  move for Magento, CakePHP, zend, Coordinator, Yii Frameworks or CMS like Joomla, wordpress, Drupal etc.. or select Mobile app like Android or Ios app Development, rest can select Web designing or Software testing or SEO section will be good.  

Which have to select – Company Vs. Institute or classes?

Always Choose Software Development Company Rather than move in Institute, Classes or Academy. Most of Fresher and final year student select low budget training to just have complete his final year project. But we suggest to enrol with IT company so that they can give you real live cycle skilled knowledge to work on live environment and easily get job after that.  

At Company you get chance to learn on live environment, on deadline work, practical focus, best learning from Sr. Developer to Team leader which are most important rather than a teachers with having limited skills.  

For more information to choose your best career option visit our inquiry section at Excel PTP and then take decision for all final year trainees or IT fresher who still looking for good break in IT Company or Experience programmer who need to switch over his technology. This services if free of cost.