Career Selection in IT after Graduation

January 7, 2016

As a beginner in IT choose first step carefully to speed up your career for your bright future. Every fresh graduate face this situation after getting degree whether in IT or non IT, like which field should select as a career because there are number of career options are available even in the same arena. Moreover the first step is very important because it will play major role for your success, once you select your path then after it is too tough to think for back foot and change the line. That’s why you must look around you for guidance. Don’t move fast for decision, be calm think from every direction and then take your final decision.

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To resolve this dilemma and for your benefit some technologies are describe here specially for IT freshers.

Which technology is in demand in market presently? Or which is having more opportunities for job chances and career growth? The answer of this question lies in the most basic economic principle ‘Demand and Supply’. The demand for a particular technology in market is high while supply is less for whatsoever reason. Then chances will be more there for job.

Yet let’s discuss some technologies here like PHP, Mobile Apps, Business Development, Design, SEO, QA etc. PHP is very vast, first choice of most of students is PHP. This is because it’s availability in market in open source and framework form. Also clients require such kind of projects where technology can give fast output in law budget. Thus you can select PHP for its wide scope. Where mobile apps like Android, Iphone, Windows app will be something specific.

Android and IOS apps are in more demand nowadays. Again demand is depends on number of users use which operating system support on mobile phone. Hence as a fresher if you have good knowledge at core java level then android will be good platform for you. While Apple’s Iphone is also one of the best option for mobile app development. It is base on Mac system and it is costly so not available easily.  Despite this limitation, the brand value holds the demand on.

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If fresher having good command over objective C and OOP then it can be good move for you. This is the reason for becoming first priority of Electronic and communication engineering students. Thus iphone application is also good career option for selection.

Now if you are not interested in technical part and you have good managerial skill, communication skill and good command on English language then you can go for nontechnical posts like BDE, SEO, QA, Design etc.

So this was some basic information on some technologies but number of institutes is providing training now, thus you can contact there for more details. To Get more information After Any Graduation or After MCA, CA, B Tech or Msc IT visit our Branch at Ahmadabad and then take Decision.