Asp.net Training in Ahmedabad

July 18, 2013

Asp.net is a Web and windows Programming codebase Technology on A Microsoft server-side Web technology. ASP.NET takes an object-oriented programming approach to Web page execution. Every element in an ASP.NET page is treated as an object and run on the server. An ASP.NET page gets compiled into an intermediate language by a .NET Common Language Runtime-compliant compiler.

Then a JIT compiler turns the intermediate code to native machine code, and that machine code is eventually run on the processor. Because the code is run straight from the processor, pages load much faster than classic ASP pages, where embedded VBScript, Script C# Script or many other will support to write code and had to be continuously interpreted and cached. ASP.NET is used to create Web pages and Web services and is an integral part of Microsoft’s .NET vision.

Visual Web Developer is a full-featured development environment for creating ASP.NET Web applications. Visual Web Developer offers you the following features:

  • Web page designs   a powerful Web page editor that includes WYSIWYG editing and an HTML editing mode with IntelliSense and validation.
  • Page design features   Consistent site layout with master pages and consistent page appearance with themes and skins.
  • Code editing   a code editor that enables you to write code for your dynamic Web pages in Visual Basic or C#. The code editor includes syntax coloration and IntelliSense.
  • Testing and debugging   a local Web server for testing and a debugger that helps you find errors in your programs.
  • Deployment   Tools to automate typical tasks for deploying a Web application to a hosting server or a hosting provider.

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