Android Application Training Ahmedabad

May 28, 2013

With Unbeatable Guarantees that Other Companies Can’t Touch. High salary, less competition, bright future with new technologies. Our aim is to narrow down your competition and achieve unbelievable success.

Android training course at Excel PTP teaches students/ Corporate peoples how to develop fully fledged live project on Android platform using Android SDK.  During the training programmer students create many small application and test on actual device and at the end of Android application training program the student need to undergo live project training for Company working on Android platform.

Course Content

  • The Basics
  • Android Environment (SDK / Eclipse / ADT)
  • Android Activity life cycle
  • Application And Activity
  • Music and Media Player
  • Menus
  • Unit Testing and Debugging
  • Android User Interface
  • Toggle and WeightSum
  • Creating Custom Styles and Themes
  • Styling Widgets
  • Handling Events
  • Drawing and Animating Bitmap
  • BitmapFactory and InputStream
  • SurfaceView Class
  • MotionEvents and Motion Actions
  • Game Programming concept
  • Async Task
  • Storing and Retrieving Data
  • SQLite Database (SQLite Adapater included)
  • Shared Preferences
  • DataBinding with ListView
  • Data Binding with GridView
  • Content Providers
  • Services – Working in Background
  • Location Services and Maps
  • GPS
  • Search and forms
  • Graphics, Audio, Video, Camera
  • Telephone and SMS
  • Working with Sensors
  • Geocoder and Geo Point
  • JSON
  • Network – Wifi , Bluethooth
  • OpenGL ES
  • Voice Recognition
  • Text to Speech
  • Internet Services & Web Applications
  • App Widgets
  • App Marketplace

Why we Count As Best Professional Training Program -:
1. Certified, Well Experience & High Qualified Developer as a Trainer.
2. Best Training guideline in industries and interview tips.
3. Individual Professional Corporate & Level Wise Training.
4. Basic to Advance level – give training on project bases.
5. We never provide Contents / materials / theory lectures only focus on practical things.
6. Personality Development.
7. We are Software Company not institutes so will provide Best knowledge better than any institution, classes or Academy, Interview tips and placements.
8. 100% Job Guarantees on paper on first day of PTP training program

Small Task, Demo & Live Project-:

It is very compulsory to work on an international live project under a technician in some of the reputed IT companies. This helps students of MCA, BE, BCA, MSc IT and BSc IT to have their final semester project completed as well gives a practical experience working under with an IT company.

The course fits for,

Beginner or an Intermediate level developer: If you are beginner in programming and want to jump onto the Android Apps development bandwagon and start making money.

Experienced: If you would like to master Android Development through a step-by-step system and want to learn each cycle of development of Android application

Self Employed: If you have an Android App Idea or dreamed of creating one that you believe could be the next potential blockbuster on the online market. You can sell your application and earn unbelievable income.

Raise your earning potential: If you have a job and would like to get an immediate hike in your salary by adding this much sought after programming language to your skill set.

Freelancers: If you want to work as a freelancer then join this program and write Android code, in a global market that currently has a short supply and high demand for Android coders.

For more information you can contact us at our email Ids as: info@ExcelPTP.com or visit our Office at office Address.