17 Things You Should Know Before Your First Job Interview

May 15, 2017

Congratulations..!! That you are shortlisted for an interview. But now what to do? Do not afraid. Prepare for it. But how to prepare for it?? What are the questions?? How much duration they take for my interview?? All these questions are roaming in your mind if you are going to attend your first interview.

An interview is something where the recruiter is checking from all the corners whether you are a perfect fit for the job post or not? Many rounds are there for an interview. Generally, for an example in IT field, the first round is of aptitude. Second is of technical and third one is of HR for salary discussion.

There are many types of interview. Some of them are a panel interview, one to one interview, group interview etc. This part of an interview is crucial. You have to be well prepared. All another round can be cleared but you may fumble up in proving yourself face to face. So better prepare for it in advance.

Let me help you in preparing. Follow these Job Interview Tips.You will feel ease in your interview.

1) Know about company profile

interview tips for freshers

Make sure you analysis the corporate before the interview. By doing this, you will be a lot of ready to answer queries such as- Why do you want this position? additionally, once the interviewer gives you an opportunity to ask queries, you’ll be ready to ask intelligent questions associated with the corporate and job role.

2) Find out common Interview Question

Before your interview, ask a friend to assist you to observe. notice sample interview questions and Job Interview Tips so you’ll be able to role play. While your interviewer may ask you questions that you just haven’t practiced answering, The chances are high that you can have practiced answering some of them.

3) Choose formal Dress

What you choose to wear for an interview will either impress or depress the interviewer. select your outfit based on however casual the workplace is. An informal work atmosphere would mean that you just may wear nice khakis and buttoned, collared shirt. In general, guys should ditch the suit unless the workplace incorporates one. girls ought to follow similar tips though rather than projected to the buttoned shirt, they’ll elect a business casual shirt.

4)Be on Time

Imagine the poor impression created when a job candidate arrives late to an interview. To avoid this disaster, make sure you recognize exactly where the interview can take place. Also, you must have an honest understanding of wherever to park. In general, show up about 10 minutes early for the interview.

5)Be Positive

A positive first impression is crucial in an interview. to create a good one, introduce yourself, speaking clearly and confidently, shake the interviewer’s hand firmly, and create eye contact.

6)Body language

Building a rapport with the interviewer can help him or her keep in mind you. Overall, be friendly; it’ll even help you to feel more relaxed. remember to smile and have a nice behavior and body language during the interview. Your whole body should show that you are relaxed and friendly.

7)Prepare yourself better

Once you’ve made a good first impression, continue to present yourself well. You should come across as being well-mannered, informed, and confident. Above all, relax and be yourself; don’t present yourself as someone you aren’t.


If you recognize somebody who works at the company, do not be afraid to talk up and let the interviewer understand. Often, the interviewer asks to your contact regarding your work ethic, skills, and personality.

9) Documentation

Create an awesome resume. Arrange all the documents properly as per order asked by the recruiter. Create one file which you can handover to the recruiter. Give him ease as much as possible. So, You will create good impression over others.

10) Confidence

It is the major factor among all. You must create confidence in your skills and knowledge then you are able to convince others otherwise you fumbled up. Have trust on your learnings and explain them in detail with confidence.

11) Honesty

Be an honest with your sayings. Don’t lie or exaggerate your skills and experience. The person other side is not fooled. He must be enough experienced to judge your sayings.

12) Eye contact

Eye contact shows your inner confidence. Proper eye contact is necessary while explaining your skills. It creates trust between you and the recruiter. So, maintain eye contact.

13) Avoid distractions

If other candidates distracts you in the corridor about the company and its people do not believe them. Trust only your pre findings of the company.

14) Try to avoid weaknesses

Explain your strength in detail. It is not the right time to explain your weaknesses. Everyone have their own weaknesses but you are going there to prove yourself and to come out from your weaknesses. Do not forget this.

15) Respond promptly

If they asked Are you ready for the conditions we have told you? say yes firmly. Or if you have any doubt about any condition ask them immediately. All the working conditions must be clarified at this stage. If you want to change something ask at this stage.

16) How to EXIT from interview room?

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At the conclusion of the interview, smile, shake the interviewer’s hand, and give thanks to him or her for the time spent. you would like to finish the interview as well as it began.

17) Follow-Up

After the interview, immediately send the interviewer a written thanks, note. you may also prefer to send a thank you email in addition to the written note. this can help the interviewer recall your name and face.

Follow these Job Interview Tips you will definitely get selected. If you have good knowledge about the industry where you are applying than there will be some inner confidence which leads you to winning. Don’t be afraid. Be confident. Show your knowledge, skills and how are different over other candidates. Prove them how you are becoming more productive for them. Have trust on your skills and knowledge.